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Hero Siva Karthikeyan Interview About 'Ayalan'

 'Ayalan' movie gives a theme park experience. It's as comfortable as going on a jolly ride - Interview with Hero Siva Karthikeyan


'Ayalan' is a fantasy sci-fi film starring Siva Karthikeyan. Rakul Preet Singh is the heroine.  Directed by R. Ravikumar, This film is produced under the banner of KJR Studios by J. Rajesh. Oscar award winner and legendary music director AR Rahman composed the music. It was released in Tamil Nadu on 12th of this month for Sankranti. Maheshwar Reddy is releasing in Telugu states on 26th of this month through Ganga Entertainments. Sivakarthikeyan interacted with the Telugu media on the occasion of the film's release.

Highlights of that interview..

It is said in Tamil Nadu that Ayalan is a movie of two heroes. why

Yes... There are two heroes in the movie 'Ayalan'. If I am a hero... another hero is an alien.

If you look at your career as a hero, this is the film that took the longest. What makes you so fixated on doing this?

Director Ravikumar’s Vision. There are 4500 VFX shots in the movie 'Ayalan'. This movie has more visual effects than Robo and 2.O movies. Our budget is low. It seemed that if the film could be made in a limited production budget, one could dream bigger. That's why I decided to make this film taking so many days.

If it takes more days for making... the idea may leak. A different hero, director-producer can make a movie with this kind of story. Do you have these doubts?

There are small doubts though. I won't tell you the name of the Hollywood movie but... the scene we shot was in a movie that was released later. As it is a fantasy superhero film, some scenes may be in some films released later, even though we have shot them earlier. But... the scenes between alien and man, the interaction between them, the core point of Aylan has not been made a movie so far. Our script idea is still new. If our director Kanaka writes the script now, he might make  changes in the screenplay, but Those who watched the movie in Tamil Nadu did not complain about the story. theye said it was very new.

Ayalan is a Tamil movie. Since it is being released in Telugu as well, what precautions have been taken regarding the nativity?

It is a film with a universal concept. The interaction between the human and the alien will connect with audiences everywhere. Our movie was a huge success in Tamil Nadu. I am confident that it will be a super hit in Telugu as well. I can say that everyone who has seen the film will appreciate our effort.

The movie was released for Sankranti in Tamil Nadu. Coming two weeks late in Telugu. How do you feel about this?

Due to the fact that Sankranti has many films in Telugu, we did not release our film. Even if it comes two weeks late, I believed that it would be successful. 'Love Today', 'Vidudalai' and Vishal's 'Abhimanyudu' were released in Telugu and became hits after their release in Tamil. If the content is good, it will work. I waited five years for the film. Two weeks is not a big problem.

What motivated you during the five years of making?

It is said that such a film cannot be made unless there is a budget of 200, 300 crores. If you have the right team and idea, it can be done even in a low budget. If it is a hit then the producers will come forward to give more budget. Then we can dream even bigger. That is what motivated us.

How long is the graphics part in the movie?

90 percent of the scenes in 'Ayalan' have graphics. 70 percent of the movie is alien. So... majority of the movie has visual effects.

What precautions have been taken in terms of looks?

We shot the film before covid. Due to the closure of offices in Corona, visual effects could not be done.

Did you think of Rahman as a music director from the beginning?

Yes... Rahman was fixed. This is my first film with him. I am a big fan of Rahman. My biggest dream is Rehaman composes music for my film. It was due to Ravikumar's idea and he gave us a lot of motivation, RahmanWorked till the last second. As there was two weeks time for the release in Telugu, some improvisations were made in terms of music.

Rahman danced can you tell us on this!

Yes, Dance Master Sandy made this happen. 'Mamannan' (Udayanidhi Stalin, Keerthy Suresh starrer released as 'Nayakudu' in Telugu) just did few steps for promotional song. We danced with him for two hours. He is very fast. Maybe... he was a dancer! Did his best in just two hours.

What will you tell the audience about 'Ayalan'?

'Ayalan' is not like a movie... it's like you've gone into a theme park. A jolly ride is under way. You can watch comfortably for two and a half hours and then do your work.

Got a sequel idea?

Yes, there is, We did a lot of research to create Alien and we spent more time. The sequel idea has been with us since long time. We will make the sequel even on a bigger scale. Success in Tamil Nadu motivated us.

In Kamal Haasan’s Production making a movie! on that...

We have already completed 80 percent of the shooting. Now I can't tell about the genre and style of the movie. Sai Pallavi and I are acting in it. May be released in summer.

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