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Essence Of Thandel Is A Visual Spectacle

 Allu Aravind Proudly Presents- Naga Chaitanya, Sai Pallavi, Chandoo Mondeti, Bunny Vasu, Geetha Arts- Essence Of Thandel Is A Visual Spectacle

The team of Thandel put in extra effort for the pre-production works and they are now enjoying the process of filming the movie. The works related to the movie are progressing smoothly and, in the meantime, the makers offered a small treat by unleashing the essence of Thandel.

The glimpse opens with the introduction of Yuva Samrat Naga Chaitanya’s character who is in the middle of the ocean for fishing. The intro sequence where Chay mouths a massy dialogue offers goosebumps to fans. Accidentally, when they enter the waters of Pakistan, they are imprisoned in the central jail of Karachi where they are given harsh punishments.

When the Jailer questions the nationalism, the protagonist gives him a fitting reply, “Maa Nundi Oodipona Oka Mukka... Meeke Anthunte... Aa Mukkani Mushtesina Maakenthundaali... Bharat Maatha Ki Jai…”

The glimpse ends on a pleasant note with the introduction of the love of Raju- Bujji Thalli played by Sai Pallavi who is seen enjoying the beauty of the beach.

The 126-second clip gives us a sneak peek into the world of Raju, and his two different traits. It is about a fisherman who is accidentally caught by the Pakistan Coastal Guard. The love story is also presented in the most beautiful manner. The Essence Of Thandel is truly amazing and it makes a lasting impact.

Naga Chaitanya who underwent a makeover appeared in a never-seen-before rustic avatar and he aced Srikakulam slang. The actor dedicated a good time to the pre-production, which included his training in dialect and physical transformation. He showed that rawishness in his physique and dialogues.

Sai Pallavi looked charming. The presentation of the love story is next-level. Although they are not seen together, we can sense the kind of chemistry the duo shares in the movie, through Chay’s words and Pallavi’s expressions. The sequences are designed like a painting, offering audiences a visual treat.

Director Chandoo Mondeti revealed the core point through the clip and he showed his expertise in dealing with the subject that has many layers. The way he presented the love story in the last portions is amazing. It’s raw, real, and gritty. Overall, the director took us to a heavenly world and offered a visual extravaganza with some thrilling elements in the narrative.

The film is presented by Allu Aravind under Geetha Arts and produced by Bunny Vasu and the production as well as the technical standards are top-notch. The production design indeed is up to the mark set by Geetha Arts. Shamdat offered a high visual quality with his frames, while Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad’s captivating score, particularly for the love story, adds good value to make the film technically solid. Srinagendra Tangala is the art director.

Everything about the glimpse is outstanding and the expectations for the movie reached high just with this clip. It’s grand, spectacular, heart-touching, and thrilling. It indeed offers a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

The shoot of the film is presently taking place in Karnataka.

Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Sai Pallavi

Technical Crew:

Writer, Director: Chandoo Mondeti

Presents: Allu Aravind

Producer: Bunny Vasu

Banner: Geetha Arts

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

DOP: Shamdat

Art: Srinagendra Tangala

PRO: Vamsi-Shekar

Marketing: FirstShow

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