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Prema Katha releasing in theatres on January 5th

 Prema Katha releasing in theatres on January 5th

The upcoming movie Prema Katha starring Kishore KSD and Diya Sithepalli is jointly produced by Tonga Productions LLP and Cine Valley Movies. Producers are Vijay Mattapalli, Sushil Vajpilly and Shinganamala Kalyan. Upender Goud Erra is acting as co-producer. Directed by Sivashakti Reddy D. The film gained good buzz with the promotional content 

The film which has completed all the programms will be releasing worldwide in theatres on January 5th. The movie team is confident that the movie "Premakatha" will be well received in the theaters as it is made to appeal to today's youth with a diverse love story.

Actors - Kishore KSD, Diya Sitepalli, Raj Thirandasu, Vinay Mahadev, Netra Sadhu etc.

Technical team

DVP - Vasu Pendem

Music - Radhan

Editor - Alayam Anil

Art Director - Veera Murali

Costumes - Shivani Erra

Executive Producer - Giri Pinninti

Line Producers - E. Srinivas Goud, M. Hanumanth Reddy, Chandu Kodurupaka

Lyrics - Krishna Chaitanya, Rambabu Gosala, Krishna Kant

Banners - Tonga Productions LLP, Cine Valley Movies

Producers - Vijay Mattapalli, Sushil Vajapilly, Shinganamala Kalyan

Co Producer - Upender Goud Erra

PRO - GSK Media

Written and Directed by - Sivashakti Reddy D

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