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Abdul Hesham Wahab on Hi Nanna

 Music Reflects Nani’s Performance & Shoryuv’s Visual Treat -Abdul Hesham Wahab on Hi Nanna

Natural Star Nani stars in this wholesome feel-good family entertainer, directed by Shouryuv in his debut, and produced by Vaira Entertainment. The film, featuring Mrunal Thakur as the heroine and Shruti Haasan in a pivotal role, has already generated high expectations with its teaser, trailer, and songs receiving tremendous response. The much-anticipated 'Hi Nanna' is set to release on December 7.

In a press conference, the star composer Hesham Abdul Wahab, responsible for the sensational super hit audio of the film, shared insights into the unique features of 'Hi Nanna.'

Q: How does it feel to receive such a positive response with your first Telugu film Kushi, gaining a good reputation in this industry?

A: Very happy. But there is still much to learn. Every film is a test and a learning experience. 'Hi Nanna' helped me explore and expand my skills.

Q: Love, romance, drama are common themes in your films. How do you keep them fresh?

A: It's not just about the music director; the entire team, including the director, writer, and editor, focuses on presenting something new. While the themes of love and romance may be common, the key lies in the unique storytelling. It's similar to movies like 'Kaadal,' 'Roja,' 'Mumbai,' 'Ok Bangaram' – the difference is in how the director tells the story. Music, too, conveys the same emotion, and the uniqueness lies in the singer, lyrics, and context.

Q: People are comparing your songs 'Darshan' and 'Samayama.' What are your thoughts?

A: It's natural to draw comparisons because the first note of both songs is the same. However, the classic composition sounds more contemporary in 'Samayama.' The audience is smart and updated, and both songs have gone viral.

Q: How do you come up with new tunes, and what precautions do you take?

A: I follow the director's vision. For 'Hi Nanna,' I collaborated with the director and music team to deliver what he wanted. The film's soft romantic theme is reflected in the music, lighting, and visuals, creating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere.

Q: Your songs often have a word that hooks the audience. Why is that?

A: I enjoy focusing on a specific word when creating a song. For instance, in 'Hi Nanna,' I specifically asked the lyricists to emphasize certain words. Songs with familiar and commonly used words tend to have a lasting impact.

Q: Lately, songs don't have stanzas. What is your opinion on this?

A: It's entirely in the hands of the director. 'Hi Nanna' has a mix of styles, surprising the audience with the placement of pallavi and stanzas. Shouryuv, the director, showcased both formats exceptionally well, and we utilized advanced technology in the music.

Q: How did you feel when you saw 'Hi Nanna'?

A: I am confident in saying that Telugu audiences appreciate unique films. 'Hi Nanna' stands out with a great storyline, and Nani's performance is remarkable. After watching the movie, I understood why Nani is called a natural star. The characters of Mrunal, Baby Kiara, and others are touching.

Q: Tell us about the song 'Odiyamma.'

A: The song needed high energy to match the visuals of a big party scene. It took some time to capture that energy. Shouryuv liked the tune I sent him, and it was his idea to have Dhruv sing the song along with Shruti Hasan.

Q: About Vaira Entertainment Production House?

A: Vaira Entertainment is a fantastic production house. We had 15 musicians working for about 40 days in Hyderabad, with over 20 additional players participating in the recordings. The producers spared no expense in making a grand movie.

Q: Any upcoming projects?

A: I am working on a film for Sriram Aditya with Sharwanand and also on a project with Rashmika called 'Girlfriend.'

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