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The Trial In Theaters from November 24th

 The Trial : Telugu's First Interrogative Film Set to Captivate Audiences In Theaters from November 24th 


"The Trial" is a groundbreaking Telugu film, setting a new standard as the industry's first-ever interrogative film. Jointly produced by SS Films and Common Man Productions, the movie is skillfully directed by Raam Ganni, with Spandana Palli, Yug Ram, and Vamsi Kotu in leading roles. The film's producers, Smriti Sagi and Srinivasa Naidu Killada, along with Co-producer Sudarshan Reddy, have played pivotal roles in bringing this unique cinematic experience to life. Saravana Vasudevan composed the music for this film while Sai Kumar Dara handled the camera.

The first look poster and teaser released by the film unit have already generated significant intrigue and captured the attention of a wide audience and people were eagerly waiting for the release date. Now, the much-anticipated release date for "The Trial" gets locked. The Trial will hit the big screens on November 24th, and the countdown has already begun. 

Notably, Spandana Palli, an experienced actor with a portfolio spanning films and web series, takes a prominent role, while Yug Ram, who previously shone as the lead in "Kanabuduta ledu," adds depth to the cast. Interestingly, the teaser hints at the mystery surrounding his character. Vamsi Kotu, a familiar face in the YouTube world, exudes a compelling dynamism in his role as a police officer. The film's director, a former police officer, promises a unique perspective, potentially weaving real-world trial intricacies into the narrative. With these elements in play, "The Trial" holds the promise of enduring success in the crime thriller genre. 

So, Mark your calendars for the grand release of "The Trial" on November 24th, a cinematic experience that promises to redefine Telugu cinema. Don't miss watching it in cinemas. 

Technical Department: 

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Raam Ganni 

Producer: Smriti Sagi, Srinivasa Naidu Killada. 

Co-producer: Sudarshan Reddy. 

Banners: SS Films, Common Man Productions. 

Director of Photography: Shrie Saikumaar Daara. 

Editor: Srikanth Patnaik R 

Music: Saravana Vasudevan 

Co-Director: Sekhar Kumpatla.

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