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Razakar Pothu Gadda Meedha song launch event

 "Razakar'' made as a tribute to remember our ancestors: Director Yata Satyanarayana at Pothu Gadda Meedha song launch event

Guduru Narayana Reddy is producing the movie 'Razakar' under the banner of Samarveer Creations. The film stars Bobby Simha, Vedhika, Anushya Tripathi, Prema, Indraja and Makarand Desh Pandey in the lead roles. On Tuesday, the makers unveiled Pothu Gadda Meedha, a heart rendering song from the fim. The song was launched in a grand event.

Executive Producer Pothireddy Anjireddy, Director Yata Satyanarayana, Anushya Tripathi, Production Designer Tirumala Tirupathi, Music Director Bheems Ceciroleo, Choreographer Swarna, Lyric Writer Suddhala Ashok Teja, actor Bobby Simha and others participated in the press conference held in Hyderabad. On this occasion,

Heroine Anushya Tripathi said, Pothu Gadda Meedha is a beautiful song and Bheems garu gave the song a wonderful tune and sang it brilliantly. Bobby Simha garu gave life to the song with his acting Thanks to the director Yata Satyanarayana garu and the team including producer Guduru Narayana Reddy.

Lyric writer Suddhala Ashok Teja said, "Director Yata Satyanarayana called me before writing this song and narrated the scene. The emotions in his narration inspired me to write the song so powerfully. My mother and father participated in this Razakar movement. They fought against the Nizam for freedom. If I was not have been the child of Suddala Hanuman and Janakamma, there would not have been so much emotion in my song. I also liked Bheems presence as a singer and music director. He also comes from a community that lost its life in the Razakar movement. Also, hero and choreographer Swarna all created the song together. You need guts to make films like this and Guduru Narayana Reddy has such courage."

Music director Bheems said, "Razakar is a film very close to my heart. A movie that makes me cry every day. Because singing and making music in this movie means a song sung for immortal heroes of the movement. It feels like I have given voice to the to all those who have seen the hardships and tears of the Telangana community. My grandfather fought against the Razakars. I feel that I am doing this film as a tribute to his soul. I am proud to have worked for this movie. People like Guduru Narayana Reddy, Yata Satyanarayana Reddy, Anji Reddy are rare. Suddala Ashok Teja garu gave excellent lyrics. We have completed the re recording and the film will make everyone emotional and it made me cry from reel to reel. I sincerely thank the actors and technicians who have worked in this movie."

Bobby Simha said, "There is an special emotion in the music by Bheems and the lyrics by Suddhala Ashok Teja garu  Even during the shooting of the film, we were feeling the emotional high. During the shooting of the film, I was surprised to know about our history from director Satyanarayana garu. Thanks to Yata Satyanarayana and producer Guduru Narayana Reddy for making this film. Anushya is a good actress. Tirumala Tirupati garu has recreated the conditions of Nizam period with his magnificent art work. It was a great experience working with the team."

Director Yata Satyanarayana said, "We grew up with the songs of warriors like Suddala Hanuman and Janakamma." During the making, the emotion in the eyes and the rage in the heart was always there. The history of our forefathers is full of such anguish. When I gave the narration to Suddhala garu ari, I thought I would write it or say it. But he understood my emotion and wrote a impactful song. Then he came to the office and sang it. Similarly, if you listen to the song sung by Bheems, it is the spirit of the children born on Pothugadda. This is our tribute to our ancestors. Swarna garu has provided excellent choreography for the song. I thought Bobby Simha garu was a Malayalam artist. But later I came to know that he is from Telugu. You will be surprised to see his performance in this film. You will witness a new actor in him and Anushya acted very well.

Executive producer Pothireddy Anjireddy said, "It needs guts to work on the film that's made on Razakar movement. It is a great thing that Guduru Narayana Reddy made a film with a higher budget, even though it's his debut film. Thanks to the entire team for their support, including Bobby Simha, Anushya, director Yata Satyanarayana, Suddhala Ashok Tejagaru and music director Bheems Ceciroleo.

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