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Hero Tej Bommadevara interview about Madhave Madhusudana

A First Of Its Kind Climax In 'Madhave Madhusudana'- hero Tej Bommadevara

Tej Bommadevara and Rishiki Lokre starred in the movie 'Madhave Madhusudana' which is produced and directed by Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao under the banner of Sai Ratna Creations. This movie is presented by Bommadevara Sridevi. 'Madhave Madhusudana' will have a grand release in theatres on the 24th of this month. Hero Tej Bommadevara interacted with the media on this occasion.

About his interest in movies and how he got the chance to star in the movie, Tej informs, “I have completed BBA. I wanted to go abroad and study MBA. But everything changed due to Corona. At that time my father prepared this story. I also traveled with him. We went to many people and told the story. But nothing worked. Finally, my father asked me to do the movie. I trained in acting and acted as a hero.

Sharing his experience of facing the camera for the first time, he reveals, “The cameraman is also a relative. He gave many suggestions. His advice and suggestions were very helpful to me. I prepared a lot for the pre-climax shoot. I got a lot of confidence after doing that scene.”

Tej says he likes Mahesh Babu very much. “I really like his intense acting. We have immense respect for Nagarjuna. We reached this stage because of them.”

The young hero says the movie has a very good story. “This is a new genre in Telugu. The climax touches everyone. It is a first-of-its-kind climax. The movie has love, thrill, and comedy, all elements incorporated in it.”

Tej affirms heroine Rishika acted well in the movie. “She used to talk in Telugu. Her character will have a good significance in the film.”

Tej reveals Nagarjuna gave some advice at the time of the film’s launching. “Nagarjuna Garu said, 'Your father worked hard to reach this stage. You also have to work hard. You danced well.'”

The young hero says his voice was tested earlier before he started the movie. “I’ve dubbed for my character.”

Tej affirms he understood the hardships of heroes after he became a hero. “I used to think something else when heroes used to give speeches. I understood one thing that heroes need to work hard to sustain for a long time. I will do whatever roles come my way- whether as a hero, or character artist roles.”

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