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Hero Karthi Interview About Japan

Japan is a universal entertainer with many mass and fun elements: Karthi

Actor Karthi is ready to entertain the audience once again with a unique story in his 25th film. Titled 'Japan', the movie, a heist thriller, is directed by Raju Murugan of Joker fame and produced by SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu under the Dream Warrior Pictures banner. Anu Emmanuel is playing the heroine. The already-released teaser, trailer, and songs of the film have received tremendous response. The movie, coming as a Diwali treat, will be released by Annapurna Studios in the Telugu states on November 10th.

The actor who interacted with the media revealed that 'Japan' is not a true story. “Japan is based on real-life events. Director Raju Murugan, who was a reporter before turning into a director, included his real-life experiences in this. He got the National Award for the movie Joker, and he included another new aspect in ‘Japan’. The movie gives the audience a very new experience. While reading the script of this movie, I felt it was an out-of-the-box movie. Every scene in this is very new and original. But if you watch the movie, you will understand why it is titled ‘Japan’,” stated he.

Director Raju Murugan's films are known to be very intense, and Japan too is said to have a universal concept laced with many elements. Karthi said, “Japan is a dark comedy laced with many elements, including satire and humor. Raju Murugan wrote the dialogues for the Tamil version of Oopiri. I was shocked to see his humor. In this, the humor will surprise the audience. After a long timr, I played a different role in this, which has both mass and comedy elements.”

Moreover, the actor had to undergo a huge makeover for the movie. The dialogues are also very peculiar. He shared, “Raj Murugan wrote a story for me. I really liked a character in it, and I asked him if we could tell a story through that character, and that’s how 'Japan' happened. I already knew that this role would be very unique. This character needs a new Karthi. I changed myself accordingly. When the dubbing was done, we ensured the essence of Karthi was not felt anywhere. Some people's personalities have nothing to do with their voices. Some people look heavy, but their voice is very soft. We tried that for the character of Japan. It turned out great. I enjoyed doing this role a lot.”

He added, “Japan reflects today's society with all the fun elements. This story connects with everyone. We have worked with very talented technicians to present it to a universal audience. S. Ravi Varman has given an excellent visual treatment. Also, GV Prakash Kumar took it to another level with the music. Just like cinematography, GV’s music is also very new.”

On a lighter note, he also spoke about his movie selection process: "I love the magic in the movie. The audience who come to the theater with any problems forget everything for a couple of hours and enjoy transversing to another world. That is the magic of cinema. First, it should be learned properly. It was a big learning experience for me. Till now, I have made sure that every film, story, and role I have played is different. I try to do something different every time. It works out for me.”

About Annapurna Studios, with whom he is doing back-to-back films, he said, “It is a great pleasure to do a film with Annapurna Studios. The movie became bigger with the association of Annapurna Studios.”

When asked about Khaidi 2 and the role of Rolex, he said, “I am also waiting for that. Discussions are going on. There are many expectations among the audience about Rolex. You have to ask my brother (Surya), director Lokesh Kanakaraj, about this (laughing).”

“Japan is a very strong and interesting character. I told the director that there should be a hint of a probable sequel or prequel for the movie towards the climax,” he said, adding, “I am doing a film with the director of Soodhu Kavvum. Also, I am doing a film with 96 director Prem Kumar. Also, there are Khaidi 2 and Sardar 2.”

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