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Filmmaker turned "Cooking Wizard" Kuchipudi Venkat shared his Happiness on 'Chittimuthyalu - Romance with Rice' Success

 "I’m super proud that my new venture 'Chittimuthyalu - Romance with Rice' has struck the right chord with the food lovers of Hyderabad!"

- Filmmaker turned "Cooking Wizard" Kuchipudi Venkat

Success in the field of cinema is still a tough nut to crack for him, despite being introduced as a director in Tollywood with the 2005 romance film 'Modati Cinema' (titled). Popular actress Poonam Bajwa was introduced as a lead actress in the above film, opposite Telugu actor Navdeep. In his next venture, 'John Apparao 40+', he directed comedian Krishna Bhagwan and actress Simran in the lead roles, and the film was an average success at the box office, for which he also acted as a producer. Though the above films received critical applause, they weren't successful commercially. Not wanting to waste any more time and energy, He decided to concentrate on the food industry instead of looking for another opportunity with producers. His aim was to rise to the position of self funding his films. By experimenting with themed restaurants, varied cuisines, and food recipes, he is going great guns at it now.

His research and tireless work started getting great yields in the industry, which has made him a 'Vantala Mantrikudu of Hyderabad'! Having earned the title of "Abhinava Nala Kuberudu," Kuchipudi Venkat is now emerging as an uncrowned Maharaja of the Hyderabad Food Industry. 

He made a name for himself in the restaurant sector with experimental diners such as 'Ulavacharu', 'Rajugari Thota', 'Kuchipudi Kitchen', 'Rajugari Kodi Palav', 'Kuchipudi Palav', 'Maredumilli', and has recently embarked on an another exploratory restaurant called "Chittimutyalu" with the tagline "Romance with Rice" in his own style. It is not an exaggeration to illustrate the response of food lovers to the recently launched "Chittimuthyalu: Romance with Rice," which was inaugurated by happening Tollywood filmmakers Dil Raju, TG Vishwaprasad, and directors Harish Shankar and Anil Ravipudi and is a "blockbuster" in film parlance. Now "Kuchipudi Venkat" is no longer just a name in the hotel Industry... It's a brand. Especially, his signature dishes "Raju gari kodi palav - Kodi Chips - Bangla Kodi - Mamsam - Pappuchaaru" are heavily copied and adapted all over the telugu food world. Kuchipudi Venkat is a real trendsetter with the names game in this industry. And "Kuchipudi Palav," conceived by Kuchipudi Venkat on his name, is a marvel in the history of world cuisines. The specialty of "Kuchipudi Palav" is that you can make and eat hot palav by yourself in no time at an inexpensive cost. Also, for the first time, Palav can be served without the need for chefs; it will also be available in foreign countries soon, so that the glory of Telugu cuisines can be heard all over the world. His "Maredumilli" restaurant is standing as the Pioneer by giving a unique thematic 'forest dining experience' reminiscent of the beautiful and pleasant forest atmosphere!

Now, with the eighteen thousand (18000) square feet of spacious area, banquet hall, immaculate ambience, and mouth-watering dishes... Come to "Chittimutyalu" (Romance with Rice), set up at Image Gardens in the middle of Madapur, Hi-Tech City, Hyderabad. Kuchipudi Venkat feels proud of the amazing response to his new venture, 'Chittimuthyalu'. "I give my life for every restaurant I open. So every hotel I start is a big success. I expected "Chittimuthyalu" also to be a super hit in a range that was decorated for that affair and with more special care. But the "All-Time Blockbuster" success exceeded our expectations. Not only it is something we are very proud of, but it has also increased our responsibility now," says the food industry superstar. And he is the first guy to introduce cocker palav to the world, with his restaurants Raju gari thota" and Kuchipudi palav" but never bothered obout copy cats because his goal is to make life easy and make it better like any other innovator or creator. "After all u can never take anything to grave, I don't mind if people copy or adopt and make there life easy and grow" says the cooking wizard.

Another special feature of "Romance with Rice" is its integrated modern technology to cook the desired food. Under the leadership of techno expert Siddharth Mandala, founder of the California-based start-up company 'Shakespeare' sets up the world's first artificial intelligence and augmented reality system at Chittimuthyalu - Romance with Rice!!

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