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Director Srikanth Reddy Interview About Aadikeshava

 Aadikeshava will 100% connect with audiences - director Srikanth Reddy 

Srikanth N Reddy made popular short films and worked as writer for films like Dohchay and Tuntari. Now, he is debuting as director with Panja Vaisshnav Tej and Sreeleela statter Aadikeshava. Suryadevara Naga Vamsi and Sai Soujanya are producing the film on Sithara Entertainments and Fortune Four Cinema, respectively. 

The young director has interacted with press representatives prior to the release on 24th November, 2023 worldwide. Here are excerpts from his candid conversation. 

Why did you chose Aadikeshava as your debut film? 

I wanted to make an experimental action movie but many of my friends suggested to me not to make any experiments at this moment. So, I got the idea of making an out and out commercial movie for my debut. 

So, you have decided to make Aadikeshava as your debut from the beginning? 

Not really, I got the idea for Aadikeshava but as it is a big budget movie, I did not think any producer will give me such huge budget for my debut. So, I wanted to make a small budget comedy movie and met producer Benny. He loved the idea and we were about to start working on it, full fledgedly. After three days, he suddenly asked me, if I have any commercial subject in hand. I narrated Aadikeshava to him. 

Then, how did you meet Naga Vamsi and end up working with Sithara Entertainments? 

Benny wanted me to narrate the story to producer Naga Vamsi. Through Benny only, I met Naga Vamsi and he liked the story. He immediately asked me to start working on screenplay and he suggested Vaisshnav Tej name as well. 

So, through producer you got the idea of making the movie with Vaisshnav? 

I had in my mind, the story and character. I thought of Vaisshnav Tej as screenplay developed but I was not sure if he would be doing this high budget film with a debutant. When producer suggested his name, I got the confidence to go and approach him without any second thoughts. Vaisshnav Tej took his time but never had any doubts about the story. 

How was it working with Vaisshnav Tej? 

He is a hard worker and truly passionate about his work. Me being a debutant director, had to take some tough decisions about shooting locations and timings. He never questioned anything and always asked me to concentrate on the output. In fact, his cooperation made it easy for me to work with other senior artists as well. Over 100 days of shoot, we had a smooth ride because of him and production house's undying cooperation. 

Tube light fight Memes have gone viral. Are you aware? 

I just gave ideas for action and action choreographers designed and executed them, completely. I am aware of "Tube light" memes and take it as part of the game. 

What is different in Vaisshnav Tej character from other commercial movies? 

I worked hard on the story and believe that hero character should connect with audiences within first 15 to 20 minites. Panja Vaisshnav Tej character will connect with audiences and I am confident that people will love him, in this role. 

How did you decide on taking Sreeleela as heroine? 

Producer Naga Vamsi suggested Sreeleela and I went with his conviction. Before we finalized her name, Dhamaka did not release and hence, I trusted his judgement..While working with her and as Vaisshnav Tej & her pairing looked fresh and perfect, I understood how perfectly he cast her for Chitra role. I am happy to have worked with such a dedicated actress for my first film. 

GV Prakash Kumar is a busy composer. How did you work with him for Aadikeshava? 

GV Prakash Kumar is a perfect gentleman and highly professional. From the day he accepted the movie till the last day, he finished his work, he has been open to suggestions and did justice to our film, despite being busy. His BGM is highlight of the film and he gave very popular songs, too. What more can I ask from him. 

How is your working experience with Sithara Entertainments? 

Till date, I don't know the budget or any kind of figures related to expenditure on movie. Even if I tried to ask, producer Naga Vamsi told me to concentrate on the final output but not worry about budgetary issues. He gave me whatever I had asked me without any restrictions. He saw the film and appreciated my work. I am happy that I got to work with such calm person for my first film. I would have gotten nervous had he been in my ear about budget, dates and other issues. Even if I wanted to know, he never shared and never complained about my decisions. He had been a calming presence and I value that experience for a lifetime. 

Why should people watch Aadikeshava? 

It is a commercial movie that promises to entertain you from first frame to last. People who saw the film, appreciated the point we took and got emotionally moved by the movie towards the climax. So, I believe it will be a good experience for audiences to watch in theatres and every thing that we expect from a commercial Entertainer has worked out well

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