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Director Omkar Srinivas Interview About My name is Shruthi

My Name Is Shruthi' exposes the skin mafia with command: Director Srinivas Omkar

Hansika Motwani-starring 'My Name Is Shruthi' will be released in theatres on November 17. The film's trailer has had a successful run. Producer Burugu Ramya Prabhakar of Vaishnavi Arts has bankrolled this thriller. Director Srinivas Omkar has spoken about the lady-oriented movie in an interview today:

*Highlights from the interview:*

Having worked as a writer for many films, I am happy to make a directorial debut. The intention of 'My Name is Shruthi' is to convey a message about a social issue to the audience while satisfying their urge to watch commercial ingredients. This is a complete screenplay-based movie.

It is no secret that our life is connected with women. We have depicted the state of affairs pertaining to women in our society as it is. The background of the organ mafia is gripping. I wrote the story by drawing inspiration from a true incident involving girls. We have read about the sins of the medical mafia and the kidney mafia. In our film, we have shown something related to skin.

I did painstaking research for a period of four years in writing the script. Just as there are blood banks, there are skin-related banks as well. The racket has made deep inroads, for example, in Nepal. Hansika will be seen as a character who tries to save herself from the trap of the skin mafia. As Hansika's mother is a Dermatologist, Hansika loved the story and its well-meaning message. Hansika's skin tone is also a plus for this movie. She is seen as a girl who comes from a rural background and finds herself challenged by circumstances in the city.

How Hansika's character reacts to the incidents that happen to her makes for a gripping watch. The essence of this movie is that women are stronger than men. If there is no pepper spray, women can defend themselves with even a safety pin. No one can guess what will happen till the end and such is the nature of the screenplay of 'My Name is Shruthi'.

The skin mafia is an area that hasn't been explored in Indian cinema. It's a grave subject. As of now, I haven't planned any sequel. Let's wait for the audience's judgement at the box office this November 17.

I was lucky to find technicians who understood my vision. We have taken great care in editing so that the audience does not get confused anywhere.

Mark K Robin's music is one of the major highlights. I can't forget the support extended by the producer. I thank Ram Pothineni for launching the trailer because he loved the concept. The CBFC members appreciated the film without proposing a single cut.


Hansika Motwani, Murali Sharma, R Narayaan, Jayaprakash, Vinodini, Sai Tej, Pooja Ramachandran, Rajeev Kanakala and others.


Cinematographer: Kishore Boidapukala; Music Director: Mark K Robin; Art director: Govind; Editor: Chota K Prasad; Production Executive: G Subbarao; Poster Designing: Vikram Visions; Costume Designer: Amrita Bommi: PRO: Maduri Madhu; Costume Chief: Sarveswara Rao; Co-Producer: Pavan Kumar Bandi.

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