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Anukunnavanni Jaragavukonni Review

Check out the Review of Anukunnavanni Jaragavukonni Starring Sriram Nimmala, Kalapala  Mounika, Posani Krishna Murali, Babaloo , Bigg Boss Kireeti , Sneha Madhuri, lo, Gautham Raju, Mirchi Hemant.Produced and Directed  by G Sandeep under Sri Bharat Arts Gideon Katta composed music KCB Hari editied the film 

story : Hero Shree Ram Nimmala(Karthik) as call boy  Heroine Kalapala Mounika(Madhu) as call girl 

 A movie with a new concept, not everything that is planned happens.

The plot of this movie is about why did Karthik Madhu change their life like that what made them to turn like this how they got out of it forms the rest of the story 


In this segment we must appreciate Shree Ram Nimmala for his performance he has done decent job The heroine Kalapala Mounika acted very well even though it was her first film Posani Krishnamurali's performance in the second half is the highlight of the movie Posani Krishna Murali ,Babloo will be a big asset for this movie. Other actors Kiriti, Sneha Madhuri, Sonia Chowdary, Gautham Raju, Mirchi Hemanth did justice to their roles

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values 

Director G Sandeep has taken the two responsibilities of producer and director and he justified his roles even though all the team is new he has delivered good film .dialogues are good The music provided by Gideon Katta is  new.background score is good 

Editor KCB Hari's work is crisp 


On whole Anukunnavanni Jaragavukonni is a different attemp with new concept 

Telugucinemas.in Rating : 3/5

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