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Sanjeev Megoti's "Adiparvam" - A landmark film in Manchu Lakshmi's career

 Sanjeev Megoti's "Adiparvam" 

- A landmark film in 

Manchu Lakshmi's career

First look unveiled on the 

Fire Brand's birthday!!

Multifaceted actress Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna is celebrating her birthday today. On this special occasion, the first look poster of her upcoming film, Adiparvam, has been unveiled by the movie's unit. The film is being directed by the talented Sanjeev Megoti and produced jointly on Anvika Arts and America India (A.I.) Entertainments banners in Ravula Venkateswara Rao's presentation. 

Adiparvam is a period drama based on real incidents and is set in the 1974-1990 time period. The film is being made on the lines of the blockbuster socio-fantasy dramas such as Ammoru and Arundhathi. Adiparvam has the backdrop of the Erragudi goddess and explores the conflict between evil power and devotional power. The film also has a beautiful love story and high-voltage action sequences. The film will feature high standard visual effects.

The makers are confident that Adiparvam will remain as a landmark film in Manchu Lakshmi's career. Speaking at the first look launch event, director Sanjeev Megoti said that Manchu Lakshmi has played a never before seen avatar in the movie. "Manchu Lakshmi's performance and both the fight sequences performed by her will be the main highlights of the movie. I thank Anvika Arts and America India Entertainments banners for their support in making Adiparvam as a memorable movie," Sanjeev said.

Adithya Om, Esther, Suhasini, Srijita Ghosh, Siva Kantamaneni, Venkat Kiran, Satya Prakash, Sammeta Gandhi, Gemini Suresh, Delhi Rajeswari, Harry Josh, Jabardast Gaddam Naveen, Yogi, Madhu Nambiar, Brinda, Sneha Ajith, Ayesha, Jyothi, Sravani, Ramakrishna, Radhakrishna Thelu, DSP and others played key roles in the movie. 

Executive Producer Ghanta Srinivasa Rao said, "Adiparvam begins as a feel good love story with pleasant retro vibes and transforms into an action thriller. Director Sanjeev Megoti has crafted the movie as an out-and-out entertainer from the start to finish." Both the co-producers said that the top class graphics and action sequences will stand out in Adiparvam!!

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