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Rakshit Atluri's "Narakasura" Movie Trailer Unveiled by Hero Naga Shaurya

 Rakshit Atluri's "Narakasura" movie trailer unveiled by hero Naga Shaurya

"Narakasura" starring Rakshit Atluri of "Palasa" fame, Aparna Janarthan and Sankeerthana Vipin is produced by Dr. Ajja Srinivas under the banners of Sumukha Creations and Ideal Film Makers. Directed by Sebastian Nova Acosta Jr. Narakasura movie is going to release in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada along with Telugu on November 3. Today the trailer of this movie was released by hero Naga Shaurya. On this occasion,

Actor Salim Pheku said - I am happy to act with Rakshit in the movie "Narakasura". Hats off for his dedication. Also director Sebastian has made the film without compromising anywhere. We shot in many locations like Jabalpur and Vizag. The songs and few scenes are very good. In the past, I played a small character in the films Surya vs. Surya, Subrahmanyam for Sale and Jathi Ratnalu, but in this film I played an important role. "Narakasura" is an amazing movie. You all must see it.

Actor Sujith said - Thanks to director Sebastian for giving me a good role in the movie "Narakasura". My character will be new and unique. I can't tell that, it's suspense now. We shot in important locations in India. The movie impresses with all kinds of emotions. It will be a special movie for all our team.

Producer Dr. Ajja Srinivas said - Happy Dussehra from the team of "Narakasura". Thanks to hero Naga Shaurya who came as a guest for our trailer launch event. Hero Rakshit acted brilliantly in the movie "Narakasura" and his three years of hard work. Senior actors like Nasser, Charan Raj, Sreeman have done good characters. Director Sebastian made the film with dedication. I request you to watch the movie "Narakasura" in theaters on November 3.

Heroine Sankeerthana Vipin said - "Narakasura" movie will be power packed. It has many surprising elements and characters. The movie will surprise you in theaters. The teaser and songs released so far from our movie have received good response. I hope that the movie along with the trailer released today will get your support.

Director Sebastian said - Thanks to Shaurya who came to our film event. Rakshit supported me like my right hand in the journey of this film. Also our producers have given a lot of support. I confidently tell them that every rupee spent on the film will be back in thier account. "Narakasura" is new in every frame, scene, every aspect. We want to prove with this film that we have made a new effort. We have cut the film trailer to be commercial, but the first half will have full comedy. Sreeman, Fish Venkat, Salim combinations scenes are very funny. At the Bharat Ane Nenu movie event, KTR said that transgenders are being shown commercially in movies. Apart from that, it would be better to make a movie about their problems. I liked the point very much. I also remember an incident I saw in my childhood. By combining them, we put the transgender theme in this story. We think that will be the attraction of the movie. The second half will be different. "Narakasura" will surely entertain you in theatres.

Actor Charan Raj said - When director Sebastian told the story of "Narakasura", I approached him to do this film. Such a good story will be in this movie. Also gave me a memorable character. I have done more than 600 films in all languages. This movie gave me great satisfaction as an actor. Cinema is life for director Sebastian. Hero Rakshit considers cinema as life. Rakshit will get name as an action hero with this movie. It's a good movie, hope you all like it.

Hero Rakshit Atluri said - Thanks to Naga Shaurya who came to support us. Our movie "Narakasura" is coming to you in ten days. The 2 hours and 10 minutes movie takes you to a new world. Our movie has entertainment, amazing visuals, superb music and good story. If after watching the movie you feel that what we said is not true, we will refund your ticket and popcorn money. We are very confident about the movie "Narakasura". Every technician worked with complete effort. Thanks to all of them. There is a lot of adventure in our director's life. He wants to make a biopic on his life. The trailer of our movie has been cut to make it look like an action movie like Boyapati sir's. But there will be a lot of entertainment. Each character has an arc. It is not so easy to design all the characters. This is not a film that shows Narakasura positively. This movie was not named after taking the background from Puranas. You have to see the relationship between the title and the story in the movie itself. Watch "Narakasura" in theaters on November 3.

Hero Naga Shaurya said - I believe that the movie "Narakasura" will be a big hit. Rakshit is my childhood friend. I used to pick him up when he couldn't walk. By birth he is rich. When he said he was coming into films, I thought he would do films if he had money. But money is not Rakshit's passion for movies. Their father is also very fond of movies. They always think of making a good movie. When he made the movie Palasa, I went and saw it. Attempting that movie is not that easy. I hear very good things about director Sebastian Garu. Many people give many reasons after the film flopped, but Sebastian lost his arm in a big accident and finished the film with great perseverance. Hats off sir. Rakshit does not do ordinary movies. He does new stories, rural backdrop movies. We see such movies in Tamil and Malayalam. Now he is doing Rakshit in Telugu. Let's support him.

Actors - Rakshit Atluri, Aparna Janarthan, Sankeerthana Vipin, Shatri, Nassar, Charan Raj, Teja Charan Raj, Sreeman, Gayatri Ravi Shankar etc.


Banners : Sumukha Creations and Ideal Film Makers

Producer : Dr. Ajja Srinivas

Co-Producer : Karumuru Raghu

Editing : CH Vamsikrishna

Cinematography : Nani Chamidshetty

Music : AIS Nafal Raja

Action : Robin Subbu

Choreography : Polaki Vijay

Lyrics : Vaddepalli Krishna

PRO : GSK Media

Written, Directed by: Sebastian Nova Acosta Jr

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