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Pre Release press meet of "Mansion 24" Held Grandly

 Pre Release press meet of Omkar's horror thriller "Mansion 24"

Director Ohmkar, who impressed the audience with his horror comedy franchise Raju Gari Gadhi, is coming up with a new horror web series titled Mansion 24. The series is exclusively created for Disney Plus Hotstar. The character posters raised curiosity among the audience. Mansion 24 stars Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, Avika Gor, Bindu Madhavi, Nandu, Manas, Ayyappa P. Sharma, Rao Ramesh and others in key roles. Mansion 24 pre-release press meet was held in Hyderabad today. On this occasion

Music director Vikas Badisa said - Thanks to director Ohmkar for giving me the opportunity to work for Mansion 24 web series. This is a series with different genres. Horror Comedy, Thriller, Classical, Western and all the genres are combined and made like a package. This gave me an opportunity to make different music.

Art Director Ashok Kumar said - Mansion 24 is a good web series. Technically very high quality. I haven't seen this web series yet. But we are speaking from experience while working on this project. Ohmkar designed Mansion 24 with care in every aspect. Every location, every art work is good. Mansion 24 web series should be a big hit.

Director Ohmkar said - My career started from a small cable TV called In Cable. From then until the release of Mansion 24 series, media, friends, family members and audience supported me. Every project I do has been well supported. I thank you all for that. This is the first web series I have created. Mansion 24 trailer got good response. Now the series will start streaming on Disney plus Hotstar from tonight. It will be a good web series that you will enjoy watching with your whole family. Our art director, DOP, music director and artists all worked hard and we made a good product.

Actress Avika Gor said - Working with Ohmkar feels like being with a family. In Mansion 24 I have done a different character which I have never done before. That's a character with a lot of depth. Ohmkar used to tell how every expression and look should be. It has a huge cast. Acting with all of them gave a happy feeling. Ohmkar's working style and creativity as a director is impressive.

Actor Manas said - I went to the shoot of Mansion 24 web series like a white paper, without any preparation. I acted as Ohmkar said. Avika was well prepared for her character. Watch Mansion 24 on Disney's Hot Star from tomorrow. You all will like it.

Actor Sreeman said - If it is a movie, we will call it not to watch it at home, come to the theater. This is a web series that we definitely want you to watch at home. We are seeing how successful OTT is. This is an apt web series for OTT audience. It has all the emotion, sentiment and horror. I was given a good character in it. Usually the director has a pad and paper on the set. Ohmkar has a book. It is like a dictionary. In it, it is clearly written who should do what. Ohmkar is the comfort director for the artistes. If we make any suggestion, if it is good, we will definitely take it. Mansion 24 is sure to be a hit.

Actor Rajeev Kanakala said - I am working with Ohmkar from the movie Raju Gari Gadhi. Whether it is a television program or a movie, he tells me about the dates and then I go to his shoot regardless of any adjustments. Ohmkar is a perfectionist. He doesn't compromise until he gets what he wants. I shot till 9 pm for this series. In all these years we could not go to any other language except Telugu. But with Mansion 24, we are getting introduced to South languages as well as some other languages because of Disney Plus Hotstar and Ohmkar.

Actress Abhinaya said - This is my third project with Ohmkar after Raju Gari Gadhi. He is a Genius. I want a hat-trick hit. Thanks to Ohmkar for giving me opportunities in his films. It was a pleasure to work at Mansion 24.

Actress Archana Joyce said - I am familiar with Telugu audience with KGF movies. But I am introducing myself in Telugu with Mansion 24. I said no to mother characters after KGF. But there are surprising elements in the mother character in this series. That's why I worked in Mansion 24. Working with Ohmkar gave me a happy feeling. This series will impress you all.

Actor Nandu said - Disney plus Hotstar adopted me. I have been working for Hot Star Sports for several years. My character will be special in Mansion 24. Such a character has not appeared on the Indian screen. My character will enter in the fifth episode. All six episodes will keep you engrossed. Ohmkar is a perfectionist. Seeing the rushes in this series, I am getting more opportunities.

Actress Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar said - She is happy to act with a great actor like Sathyaraj in Mansion 24 web series. This is my first web series. I watched all the episodes while dubbing. The series is very good. We don't watch horror movies at home at night. So I watch all the episodes in a day. I like to do roles that I find challenging. I got such a challenging role in Mansion 24. In this, I will be seen as a daughter who goes in search of her father. I acted naturally like the girls we see outside.

Actor Sathyaraj said - I'm happy to work in Mansion 24 web series. Ohmkar has made this horror series impressive with his perfection. Budget wise he took a lot of care. Whenever I get free time on the set, I walk. But Ohmkar did not give me such time on the sets of Mansion 24. He worked perfectly. Im playing as Varalaxmi Sarathkumar father in this series. Varalakshmi used to come to the set during the shooting time of the films in which I acted with Sarath Kumar. She was a little baby then. Now acting with her brings back those memories. I was shocked to see Varalakshmi's acting in Veerasimha Reddy. I don't believe in ghosts but after watching the trailer of Mansion 24 I got scared. To be successful with horror films, the director must know some gimmicks in film making. Ohmkar knows such things well. Mansion 24 season 1 ending will have the same impact as Baahubali 1 climax. This web series should be a big hit.

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