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MAD Pre Release Event Held Grandly

 Mad looks so much fun, can't wait to watch in theatres: Dulquer Salmaan

Starring actors Narne Nithin, Sangeeth Shobhan, Ram Nithin, Sri Gouri Priya Reddy, Ananathika Sanilkumar, Gopikaa Udyan, comedy entertainer Mad is hitting screens worldwide on October 6. 

Directed by Kalyan Shankar, the film is produced jointly by Haarika Suryadevara & Sai Soujanya under the banner Haarika & Hassine Creations and Sithara Entertainments. The entire team celebrated the pre-release event on Wednesday.  

Dulquer Salmaan, who attended the event as the chief guest, said: Hello good evening. I came to Hyderabad to do a direct Telugu film with Venky Atluri. First of all, Mad looks mad, exciting and entertaining. I debuted 12 years ago, I looked amateur. But these young chaps don't seem to be debutants at all. Ram, Nithin and Sangeeth, and leading ladies Gopika, Gouri, and Ananthika -- you all look phenomenal. It doesn't look like your first film. The film looks so much fun. Bheems garu I loved the music, tapping the music the whole time. Haarika, Chinnababu sir, Vamsi garu all the best for the film. Oct 6th can't wait to watch it, it is going to be mad entertaining.

Sreeleela: I am very happy to be here today. It was sometime back when we were shooting Guntur Karam, there was a serious conversation among the producers. They were saying that the film had come out really well. All the actors were newbies. Shot with small kids. So I thought they were all toddlers. And I didn't know that they are all this big-talented lot. Looks to be entertaining for me. Maybe similar to Jathi Ratnalu. I am a big fan of the comedy genre. I wish the team all the best.

Siddu Jonnalagadda: Good evening all, firstly, it was Kalyan who narrated to me the story of Mad when we're chilling out in Dubai. I was in splits listening to the comedy. I immediately thought that this has to be a feature film. I am very glad for Kalyan, glad to be here at this event and part of your journey. The entire cast of Mad -- all you guys have no idea how lucky you're to be doing this movie under Sithara Entertainments. Because they love cinema. Congrats Haarika for her debut. Another interesting thing is that Kalyan is one of the writers for Tillu Square.

Gopika Udyan: This movie 'Mad' happened very unexpectedly to me. So thrilled to be part of this fun filled entertainer. We're coming to theatres on October 6. Definitely, it is going to be a promising one, so don't miss it.

Ananthika Sanilkumar: I thank the makers Suryadevara Naga Vamis garu and Haarika for giving me a wonderful role to perform. Don't miss the fun in theatres. I once again thank my director Kalyan, co-stars, and technicians who worked on this great project.

Gouri Priya Reddy: It's been a year since we have been shooting for Mad. And finally, we're arriving in theatres. I've been waiting to see audiences experience the madness that we all had during the shooting process. I thank Chinnababu sir, Naga Vamsi garu, director Kalyan, Haarika and all my co-stars for their lovely support.

Filmmaker Anudeep KV: Warm welcome to Dulquer Salmaan garuu. Sreeleela garu I am a big fan of your dance. Firstly, I thank Naga Vamsi garu and Chinnababu garu for bankrolling the project Mad. Kalyan is a close friend of mine, so I had to do a character in the film.

Ram Nithin: I thank the makers for giving me the chance in the film Mad. I thank director Kalyan anna for believing in me. I thank the cinematographers Shamdat Sainudeen and Dinesh garu for showing me so beautifully on the screen. I thank Bheems for making the film a next-level entertainer with his music. I have completed my B. Tech in 2020, my father asked me what I wanted to become. I replied that I wanted to become an actor. Now I am here, I thank my dad for letting me do what I love the most. I am a big fan of Dulquer Salmaan after watching his film Ustad Hotel in 2012. I wish to play such roles in future films.

Narne Nithin: I thank the makers first for accomplishing the project Mad. I thank chief guests Dulquer Salmaan, Siddu Jonnalagadda, and Sreeleela garu for gracing the event. Firstly, I would like to thank Kalyan anna for the way he handled the project. We never had the feeling that we were heading to the workplace during the shoot. Kalyan would keep us all high-spirited all the time on the sets. I thank Chinnababu garu, Vamsi anna, and Haarika for their love and support. Bheems' music for the College Papa song is amazing, I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

Sangeeth Shoban: We had worked for almost a year to bring Mad before you. On this occasion, I would like to give credit to the entire team. Sreeleela garu, wish we could match at least 50 percent of your energy. Tillu anna (Siddu Jonnalagadda), it was he who first heard the story Mad from director Kalyan.

Dulquer Salmaan is the most in-demand actor across the industries. I had the fanboy moment when I first saw Dulquer at a pub in Hyderabad. When my friend told me that Dulquer was there, I wondered why he would come from Kerala to Hyderabad. But when I saw him, I took my phone out and started shooting a video. I shouldn't have done that, it was really awkward. Later my brother Santosh Shoban said Dulquer was coming to grace the pre-release event of Anni Manchi Sakunamule. And four months later, he is here at my movie Mad. And to all the audiences and film buffs here, I would like to say one thing, if you think Mad would give some entertainment in theatres please watch it.

Venky Atluri: Once you start making movies with Sithara Entertainments, there will be no looking back. Congrats to Haarika for her debut as a producer. I am sure actors Ram Nithin, Narne Nithin and Sangeeth -- you will all go places, I am sure. If I have to blindly place a bet on the newcomers in the Telugu film industry, it would be you three. All the best to the female ladies of Mad. And glad that Sreeleela garu has become so busy. I once heard that it was yesteryear star late Sridevi garu who achieved that feat of becoming busiest actress. And now it is you. And there was a time when I along with Siddu Jonnalagadda gave auditions. Happy to see him here at this event. Dulquer and I are working on a movie in Telugu, we drove straight to the event after the day's shoot was wrapped up.

Kalyan Shankar: I know you all have been waiting for the speeches of the three guests here. But before that, I would like to thank the makers, actors and technicians who worked incessantly for the project Mad. Haarika was there from day one on the sets. All these young bunch of actors have come together to make a wonderful project. Siddu was the reason to make this Mad project happen. Dulquer, I am a big fan of you. It can be seen in my eyes. Sreeleela garu we're going to work together.

Lyric writer Raghuram: This is my second collaboration with Sithara Entertainment. Previously, I had worked with Varudu Kavalenu in which I wrote the song 'Vaddanam'. Now I wrote a song in Mad. I thank Bheems Ceciroleo for the opportunity. Director Kalyan Shankar has become a good friend to me in this journey. Not just college students, the film will entertain all sections of audiences.

Choreographer Vijay: I am happy to choreograph the song 'College Papa..' in this movie. I am very fortunate that all my songs like Nakkileesu Golusu, Baby, Lingidi Lingidi have all become massive hits. Coming to the movie Mad, our college boys Narne Nithin, Ram Nithin and Sangeeth Shoban all have rocked the screen with their performance. We've all enjoyed watching the trailer of Mad, the film will be as mad as this talented young lot.

Choreographer Jithu: First of all, I would like to thank the makers Suryadevara Naga Vamsi garu, and the director Kalyan for giving me this chance. I choreographed the song 'Nuvvu Navvukuntu Vellipomake..' which has been received well by audiences. I once again thank Bheems for composing the song and wish the entire cast all the very best.

Lyric writer Kasarla Shyam: Mad is going to be a fun ride in theatres. I thank director Kalyan in advance congratulations for making such a wonderful story. He flattered everyone with the trailer in which the dialogue impressed everyone. Nee perenti ra ante.. Antony. Emiti thony.." That was hilarious. For the present generation of youngsters, songs have become Instagram reels and dialogues have become single one liners. Mad has emotion, love, fun and bonding.

Lyrics writer Bhole: Firstly, I thank music composer Bheems for his mind-boggling talent. I thank Kalyan. Bheems is someone who would travel with the song. Once he had sent me a tune saying that no one could write the lyrics as he wanted. When I sent him the lyrics, he was so impressed. Immediately, Naga Vamsi garu okayed it without any second thought. That is a college song that has become a massive hit on social media.

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