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MaaOoriPolimera 2 Trailer Out Now

 MaaOoriPolimera 2 Trailer Out Now

MaaOoriPolimera 2 is Presented by Ghanababu under the banner of Srikrishna Creations, this film is being produced by Gourkrisena & Directed by Dr. Anil Viswanath. Satyam Rajesh,Dr. Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Getup Srinu, Rockend Mouli, Baladitya, Sahitya Dasari, Ravi Varma, Chilam Srinu, Akshatha Srinivas in lead Roles .

The film has completed its post-production work. The film is set to release in theatres worldwide on November 3. Popular distributor Vamsi Nandipati, bought the rights to this film at a fancy rate and released it worldwide. Meanwhile, the Trailer Launch event of this film was held on Saturday.

Director Harish Shankar, Karthikeya, and Bunnyvas released the Trailer of the film..

Harish Shankar said that Polimera 1 was good in OTT. I also liked it when I saw it. The content is veritably strong. I suppose Polimera 2 will be good in the same tone. I've a good relationship with Bunny Vasu. He's supporting this movie and releasing this movie. The caravan of this movie shows how important the director of this movie loves pictures. Coming with a good Telugu title,the actors who shared in this movie

All specialized experts will get a good name. Bunny Vas said,' I like it and I'll support this film. This is Vamsi's first film. Vamsi is releasing this movie after watching the 2018 movie and suggested that we release it in Telugu. I trust his judgment. I'm sure that this short story will be liked by everyone. Satyam will be a plus for Rajesh's career. There's also Polimera 3. The script of Polimera 2 is accessible indeed for those who haven't seen the first part. I want this movie to give everyone a good break. I wish to play well for Polimera 2.

Karthikeya said that watching similar flicks on the big screen gives a veritably good feeling. It feels like a veritably hard- made movie. He said that he wanted the film to be a good success. Vamsi Nandipati said supporting me, moment I'm at this position because of Bunnyvas. I believe that everyone will surely like the movie. Gourkrisena said congratulations to Buunyvas and Vamsi Nandipati who are supporting similar small flicks and have good faith in the success of the film. Actually, the director has made this film.

Satyam Rajesh said that as Vamsi Nandipati liked this movie, he's happy that the trip of this movie has reached this point. Said. DirectorDr. Anil Vishwanath said that it's positive that Harish Shankar, Karthikeya, and Bunnyvas are coming to this form and there will be part 2 after part 1. It's a great pleasure to release Vamsi Nandipati's movie. 

Balaaditya said that 

It's been 20 times since everyone who watched Polimera asked if there was ever a part 2. Part 1 is numerous times more amazing. Those who have not seen part 1 must watch it and come to part 2, your smarts will have a lot of work to do. Every scene is amazing. There are numerous surprises in the movie. Satyam Rajesh has proved himself with this film.

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