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Ma Oori Polimera-2' will surprise everyone

 'Ma Oori Polimera-2' will surprise everyone

The spine-chilling thriller will hit the screens on November 3 in theatres

'Ma Oori Polimera-2', produced by Shree Krishna Creations and presented by Gowr Ghana Babu, is a rare thriller and an even more stunning sequel to be made in Telugu. It comes from director Dr. Anil Vishwanath. Satyam Rajesh, Dr. Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Getup Srinu, Rakendu Mouli, Baladitya, Sahitya Dasari, and Ravi Varma play different roles in it. Touted to be an edgy and gripping thriller, the film is going to grace the big screens on November 3 in a grand way. Popular distributor Vamsi Nandipati has bought the rights to this film at a fancy rate to release it worldwide. The content-driven film's trailer has been so successful that, post its recent release, 'Ma Oori Polimera' has been trending at the top on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Meanwhile, at an event held on Wednesday, the film's prominent characters were introduced to the audience. Satyam Rajesh, Kamakshi Bhaskarla, Rakendu Mouli, Baladitya and others were present on the occasion with the getups of their respective characters from the film.

On the occasion, Satyam Rajesh said that all the actors who have worked on the movie have given their best. "The audience will surely come to know about the talent of our director after the release of this movie. Producer Gowr Kriesna has put together everything that the movie needed. The budget is well above the market range. That's because he didn't want to compromise on quality. The music and background music are highly impressive. The film has been made with a new concept. That's why I say that the film will take the audience into a new world. Distributor Vamsi Nandipati liked this movie a lot and he came forward to release it on a big scale. The range of this film transformed completely with his foray."

Director Anil Vishwanath said, "All the characters in my film are important. I am happy that this movie, which began as a small outing, is enjoying so much buzz. I have earned recognition thanks to the first part. The producer has been uncompromising. We wanted to release this film at a scale we could afford. But the scale became big, thanks to Vamsi Nandipati. Content-wise, this one is 20 times better than the first part. Soon, we will start work on the third part. It all seems like a dream. This movie onboarded whoever it wanted to. Everything happened magically. Everyone will like the movie very much. Vamsi Nandipati said that the role of Kamakshi along with others in this movie is thought-provoking. You are going to see a chilling movie on November 3."

Vamsi Nandipati said, "The audience who expect something new every time will definitely like it. I feel that the opportunity to release this film is a great opportunity for me."

Kamakhi Bhaskarla said, "I have full faith in the success of the film. The names of all the people who worked for this movie will become familiar."

Producer Gowr Kriesna said, "I have full faith in the success of the film. We are releasing it in a very grand manner with the help of Vamsi Nandipati. The film will definitely give a new experience to the audience."

Music: Gyaani; Cinematography: Khushender Ramesh Reddy; Editing: Sri Vaara; Art Director: Upendra Reddy Chanda; Fight Master: Ram Master; Executive Producer: NC Satish Kumar; Producer: Gowr Kriesna; Story- Screenplay- Dialogues- Direction: Dr. Anil Vishwanath.

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