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Jani Master sworn in as President of Telugu Film and TV Dancers & Dance Directors Association

 Jani Master sworn in as President of Telugu Film and TV Dancers & Dance Directors Association

Celebrated choreographer Jani Master has been elected as the President of the Telugu Film and TV Dancers & Dance Directors Association. An immense talent, he has choreographed numerous super-hit songs in Telugu. Prominent among the recent ones are 'Ra Ra Rakkamma' for 'Vikrant Rona' and a song in 'Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan' in Hindi. Dance directors from the Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam film industries have attended the swearing-in of Jani Master, who enjoys craze at the pan-India level. Producers Council President & Film Chamber Secretary KL Damodara Prasad was the chief guest for the swearing-in ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, KL Damodara Prasad said, "I knew that the elections were on but I didn't know about the winner until Jani himself called me and informed me about his victory. Old body or new body, the motive of any union is to work for the welfare of its members. Bygones are bygones. What should be done in the future must be the sole motto. As the President of the Producers Council and the Secretary of the Trade Council, my support will always be there for the Dancers' Union. It is very common for the older generation to be ignored. I feel happy to bring the family members of Mukku Raju garu here today. It is said that all of the South is one and should stay united. Everyone should be together and work in tandem. We are happy that dance masters from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka are here today."

Jani Master said that Harish, Manjunath and Suresh had come from Bangalore. Thanking the attendees, he said, "Everyone from the federation has blessed us. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. Our choreographers have arrived on the big scene. Today, we enjoy name and fame everywhere. We are driving around in cars because of the grace of Mukku Raju Master. We are thankful that his family members are here today. On behalf of our union, we are giving Rs 2 lakh as a small gift to his successor. We are giving cash instead of a cheque. He is the reason why the union is what it is today. Thank you to everyone who came to this swearing-in ceremony. Prakash anna, Sridhar Master and everyone else are united. We are all children of one mother. Let us all think what can be done for the development of the dance union."

Dinesh Master, the President of the Madras Dance Union, said, "Jani Master can now look back and think ahead as to what should be done for the betterment of the members of the union. Being stuck in the past can't help. I request the new leadership to take seniors along with them."

Dance directors from Bangalore also spoke at the event.

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