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Ambajipeta Marriage Band Teaser Launched


Suhas, the promising young actor of Telugu cinema, has been making waves with his performances in films like 'Colour Photo' and 'Writer Padmabhushan'. He is now ready to entertain the audience with his upcoming film "Ambajipeta Marriage Band." The film produced jointly by GA2 Pictures and director Venkatesh Maha's Mahayana motion pictures, the film is coming also under the banner of Dheeraj Mogilineni Entertainment

The teaser of this movie was released in Hyderabad on Monday. Talented directors Maruthi, Hanu Raghavapudi, Sailesh Kolanu, Sai Rajesh, Sandeep Raj, Prashanth, Meher Ramesh, Bharat Kamma, producer SKN, Chai Biscuit Sarath and others participated as guests in this program. On this occasion,

Actress Sharanya Pradeep said - I went into a trance when I saw the teaser of "Ambajipet Marriage Band". We worked hard for this film. While making the movie, the entire unit became a family. I would like to thank the director Dushyant for giving me the character in this movie and believing that I can do it. Technically, the film is impressive in all crafts. The movie will be liked by all of you.

Actor Jagadeesh said - I like the acting of Suhas very much. As an actor, he us my inspiration, when I saw the movie Majili. I believe that we will get opportunities. Thanks to the director who gave me a good character in "Ambajipeta Marriage Band". This movie will definitely be a hit.

Actor Nithin said - We all worked together like a family in the movie "Ambajipeta Marriage Band". Thanks to the director Dushyant for giving me such a good opportunity in my career. I don't know if I will get such an opportunity later. You will not see any artist in this movie. Only those characters are visible. Everyone will be absorbed into the story. 

Cinematographer Wajid Baig said - The entire team worked hard as a family believing in the story of "Ambajipeta Marriage Band". All our technicians and artists had only one idea to bring this story to the screen in such a natural way. We believe that we have made a good film. "Ambajipet Marriage Band" must watch movie in the theatres.

Music director Sekhar Chandra said - This is the second film I am working with Suhas after writer Padmabhushan. Even if the song is good or the background scoreis good, Suhas comes to the studio and celebrates. The director has shot this movie very naturally. The film has a rural backdrop. There are different situations and to reflect I made good tunes for them. I am waiting when all these songs will be released. Watch our movie in theatre.

Heroine Shivani Nagaram said - I hope you liked the teaser of "Ambajipet Marriage Band". I went to the audition for the heroine's friend character in this movie. But I felt very happy knowing that I was selected as the heroine. I couldn't believe that the first movie was getting an opportunity under a big banner like Geetha Arts. Thanks to director Dushyant who gave me the character of heroine Lakshmi in this movie. He is very stubborn filmmaker. The set should have everything needed for the scene. He made the film with the same perseverance and conviction. You will see that quality in the teaser. Everyone has unique characters in "Ambajipet Marriage Band". Each character has an arc. I don't know if we can do characters like this un future. Suhas is a good co-star. Each of his films are unique and different. He acted very natural in this too.

Director Sandeep Raj said - I have seen the movie "Ambajipet Marriage Band". This movie will definitely be a blockbuster hit. Suhas has done various films in his career so far. But this movie stands out among them all. Suha's acting in the interval scene of this movie should be considered a gem. Suhas will prove himself as a hero in another two years. Shivani acted superbly in the character of Lakshmi. Dushyant is my friend. Another director coming from our batch. With this film he definitely stands as a director. Also the team will get a good name.

Director Maruthi said - When I saw the poster and title of this movie, I understood how natively they are shooting the story. I was also impressed by the teaser. I asked to show this movie and they showed it. Dushyant directed the movie with very mature writing. There is drama in every scene while remaining very natural. As an actor, Suhas made a National Award winning movie like Color Photo. After that he selects all his movies with content. This movie should also be a big hit for him.

Director Hanu Raghavapudi said - The job of the teaser is to create the required hype for the film. After watching the teaser of "Ambajipeta Marriage Band", I got curious about the movie. Everyone's performance is good. If the performance of all the artists is good, then the director has done it well, and I am appreciating Dushyant for that. Lot of people are saying that the movie is already a hit. So, congratulations to this team.

Director Sailesh Kolanu said - Suhas used to talk about "Ambajipet Marriage Band" while making our Hit 2. There is a head shaving scene in this movie. Before the completion of Hit 2, I was worried that he would shave for that scene. There are few actors who own every audience. Suhas is making such a name for himself. I want him to do more good movies.

Director Sai Rajesh said - I saw the movie "Ambajipet Marriage Band". You will remember every character in it. Everyone from the critics to the audience will appreciate this movie. Director Dushyant will score a hit with this movie. Sekhar Chandra is responsible for doing background score so well. Our Dheeraj is a good producer and businessman. I wish him and the team all the best.

Producer SKN said - I have seen the content of this film and the team made a good film. It feels like Dushyant made this movie after about ten movies. Suhas is a good actor, who is proving as an actor with every film. "Ambajipet Marriage Band" should give our Dheeraj another hit.

Hero Suhas said - Our producers are the reason why the movie "Ambajipeta Marriage Band" has came out so well. Dheeraj gave us the necessary support and anchored us. Also, I would like to thank Dushyant for bringing me such a good story. My co-star Shivani acted well in the character of Lakshmi. Cinematography, music, editing, every department has given superb output. My directors built my career like a house, one brick at a time. In our village, at the housewarming time, the palm is dipped in saffron water and a mold is made on the wall of the new house. That mold stays the same for a long time. "Ambajipeta Marriage Band" was such a mold in my career.

Director Dushyant Katikineni said - Thanks to all the guests who came here for the teaser release of our movie. It is a great thing for a new director like me to get a film opportunity in GA2 Pictures. I would like to thank Allu Aravind and Bunny Vass garu for giving me this opportunity. A movie like "Ambajipet Marriage Band" needs the support of producers. Our producers Allu Aravind, Bunny Vass, Dheeraj and Venkatesh gave me full support. They encouraged us to make a good film. Suhas is my good friend. In 2017, we both wanted to make a short film together, but it was not possible. After that I worked as an assistant director for two films starring Suhas. During that time we thought of some stories. We definitely decided to do a film together. I told this story over the phone. After hearing the title and story line, Suhas said let's make the film. I would like to thanks Suhas for doing the movie with me.

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