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Thurum Khanlu Movie Review


Movie: Thurum Khanlu 

Cast: Nimmala Sriram, Devaraj Palamur, Avinash Chaudhary, Aisharya Ullingala, Puli Seetha, Vijaya, Sriyanka etc.

Written-Directed by: N Siva Kalyan

Producer: MD Asif Jani

Editor: Nageswara Reddy Bonthala,

Cinematographer: Ambati Charan

Music Directors: Vinod yajamanya, Akhilesh Gogu Rian.

Effects: Venkata Srikanth

Mixing : Santhosh Kumar

Production Head: Rajini Kanth, Shiva Nagireddy Palli

Executive Producer: Devraj Palamur

Art Director: Raymo Venkatesh

Co-Producer: K. Kalyan Rao

PRO: Harish, Dinesh

Release : 08/09/2023


Thurum Khanlu is the story which mainly Revolves around 3 persons who are based out of  town called Tupakula Gudem. Shankar (Nimmala Sriram) is a youth leader he wants to marry his close  relative Lalitha (Aisharya Ullingala) during Corona period with limited capacity  but later it will be canceled at muhartham time 

Viraj Brahma (Devaraj Palamur) Everyone calls Brahma works as software employees visits his village during that period and he is not married he always scolds the village members .He also wants to get married.

 Vishnu (Avinash Choudhary) breaks up with his love Padma in college after that lockdown starts they will not meet during that period and Vishnu goes in to depression 

On the other side  Brahma wants to have an affair with Bharti (Vijaya). 

What happened in these three people life forms the rest of the story 

Why did Shankar's marriage stop? What is the reason for that? How Did Vishnu and Padma meet? To know answers For all these questions you need to watch the film 


In this segment we must appreciate all the actors of this film Even though all the actors are newcomers they has given their best and lived in their roles . Sriram Nimmala, who played the role of Shankar in the movie, acted very well. Also Aisharya is hooked with her beauty and acting. Devaraj Palamur needs special mention he lives up to the role of Brahma. He did it so naturally he has long way in Tfi 

Avinash Chaudhary as Vishnu has done well

Vijaya entertained in her screen space. Emotional dialogues and emotional scens are impressive.Puli Seetha Sriyanka and rest of the cast has done their best 

Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values each and every Frame is so Grandeur even though it is a small film quality is good 

The director of the film N Siva Kalyan is a newcomer and he has done his best he is successful in engaging audiences 

Cinematography is good Editing is crisp music is good specially background score has taken the movie to next level .Dialogues are good 


On whole Thurum Khanlu is a decent film with good Entertainment  all the three Thurum Khanlu will give us whole some joy don't miss the film 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3.5/5

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