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Telugu Actor Venkata Sai Gunda Gears Up For Hollywood Debut!

 Telugu Actor Venkata Sai Gunda Debuts In Hollywood 

 Telugu Actor Venkata Sai Gunda Gears Up For Hollywood Debut!                       

 In an unprecedented move, Telugu actor Venkat Sai Gunda takes a triumphant leap into HOLLYWOOD with the highly anticipated feature film, "The Deserving". This monumental project, a riveting psychological thriller, stands as a beacon of global collaboration and artistic fusion, setting a new benchmark in the film industry.

Venkat Sai Gunda, not just an actor but also as a producer brings an electrifying performance to the silver screen, embodying a historic representation of Telugu talent in Hollywood. This groundbreaking initiative also marks the first Hollywood venture predominantly produced by Telugu individuals, creating ripples of excitement and anticipation across the globe.

Cast and crew from various parts of the world have joined hands to Amplify the film's international allure. Under the meticulous direction of S.S Arora, a CANNES FILM FESTIVAL recognized filmmaker, the movie unfolds with a gripping narrative and visually stunning cinematography by Koshi Kiyokawa, a maestro with accolades from renowned platforms including SXSW Film Festival.

The musical landscape of "The Deserving" is sculpted by an award-winning composer, who has carved a niche in the industry with commendable achievements including collaborations with the famed Hollywood composer, Steve Jablonsky, known for his work in the Hollywood Movie Series TRANSFORMERS

Cast: Venkat Sai Gunda, Simone Stadler, Kelsey Startler and others

Written & Directed by: S.S Arora

Production House: KATHA Productions

Producer: Venkat Sai Gunda, Vismay Kumar, Thirumalesh Gundrath

Music: Nga Weng Chio

Cinematography: Koshi Kiyokawa

PRO - Harish Dinesh

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