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Rudram Kota', releasing on September 22nd, deserves audiences' support: Hero Srikanth

 Rudram Kota', releasing on September 22nd, deserves audiences' support: Hero Srikanth


'Rudram Kota', starring senior artist Jayalalitha in a pivotal role, is produced by Anil Arka Kandavalli. Written and Directed by Ramu Kona. The film is coming from the banner ARK Visuals. Starring Rudhra, Vibhisha and Riya in leading roles. The thriller is going to be released in theatres on September 22nd through Screen Max Pictures.

The film's pre-release event was held today in Hyderabad in the presence of chief guest and actor Srikanth.

Speaking on the occasion, Hero Srikanth said, "Me, Rashi and Suchitra have done many songs together. We always feel great to meet Ram-Lakshman duo. I acted in 'Panchadara Chilaka' with Jayalalitha. She is a very nice person. She has built 'Rudram Kota' with so much care. Any good movie is valuable. The songs of this movie are so good. The trailer is very good. I appreciate the core team, including the actors and the Director. Ramu Kona has a lot of experience with TV serials. All the best to everyone who worked on the film. I want the audience to support this movie when it comes out in theatres on September 22nd."

Rashi said, "I know Anil as a producer. But it is not known that he is a very good dancer. Suchitra has done well in this film. Jayamma has acted brilliantly in this. There is nothing like small and big movies. All are big films if the audience likes them. The posters, teaser and trailer of this film are very good. Ramu Kona's talent is now known to everyone."

Director Ramu Kona said, "I wouldn't have come here but for Asmita, Prabhakar, Zee Telugu Anuradha. Jayamma is standing behind me. Without her, this movie would not have been happened. Suchitra madam has worked hard with us. Joshua helped us a lot at every step. Sagar wrote the songs very well. Koti garu has given excellent BGM.

Srikanth garu has come here with a single call from Jayamma garu and he attended as the chief guest. They are like God who gives boons without our request. I worked with Rashi garu on the TV serial 'Janaki Kalaganaludu' as Janna. Our heroines have acted well. I made a film on themes like love and lust. The problems faced by children due to illegal relationships. Ram and Laxman, the fight masters, made their contributions. Thanks to everyone who supported the film."  

Senior actress Jayalalitha said, "I am happy that so many people have come here today and supported our film. I am bowing my head and saluting everyone. The film is going to be released on September 22nd. I wish the audience to watch our film in the theatres and make the movie successful. I would like to thank Master Shiv Shankar garu for doing excellent choreography for two songs."

Hero-Producer Anil said, "Thanks to Srikanth garu, Rashi garu and Suchi madam for being here. With their arrival, a small movie has become a big movie. I hope that the audience will also watch this film theatres and make it a big film."

Suchitra said, "I have worked as a dance master on many movies starring Jayalalitha garu. Now, I am very happy to have done the choreography for the film that she has acted and produced."

Lyric writer Sagar said, "I have fifteen years of relationship with Kona Ramu. Anil, my younger brother, was initially a producer and now he has become a hero. 'Geetha Govindam' became a big hit among my works. The songs of this movie are very good."

Ram and Laxman said, "We have also done small films. We also know how difficult it is to make a film. The teaser and trailer of this movie are hit. The fights are very good. There is no such thing that small or big movie. Any good movie is a big movie if it is accepted by audience. All films are big if people like them. It is a pleasure to have Srikanth as a guest. All the best to everyone who worked on this movie."

Dialogue writer Ranga said, "Thanks to Srikanth for coming here for the event. Marriage is a sacred institution in our society. This movie conveys a certain message in a unique way."

Heroine Vibhisha said, "I have seen many movies of Srikanth and Rashi. Ram-Laxman Masters' fights are always amazing. Suchitra madam took care of everything with great patience. 'Rudram Kota' is a fort that we have built with love. Please support our movie."

Alekhya said, "Thanks to Anil for believing in me and giving me a chance. We worked hard and loved the film. The film is releasing on September 22nd. Everyone please go and watch it."


Jayalalitha, Alekhya, Bachi, Ramya and others.


Cinematographer: Adimalla Sanjeev; Music Directors: Subhash Anand, Niranjan; Editor: Avula Venkatesh; Dance Master: Kirti Seshu Sivashankar, Suchitra Chandra Bose; Fight Master: Joshua; Dialogue Writer: Ranga; Lyricist: Sagar; Costume Designer: Viva Reddy; PRO: Chandra Vattikooti, Mohan Tummala, GK Media; Producer: Anil Arka Kandavalli; Story-Screenplay-Direction: Ramu Kona. 

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