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Rajamouli is the director I idolize: 'Rudram Kota' maker Ramu Kona

Rajamouli is the director I idolize: 'Rudram Kota' maker Ramu Kona 

'Rudram Kota', starring senior artist Jayalalitha in a pivotal role, is produced by Anil Arka Kandavalli. Written and Directed by Ramu Kona. The film is coming from the banner ARK Visuals. Starring Rudhra, Vibhisha and Riya in lead roles, the thriller is going to be released in theatres on September 22nd through Screen Max Pictures.

Director Ramu Kona, who has previously directed 5000 TV serial episodes, is debuting as a Film Director with this movie. In this interview, he talks about the film, his inspirations and more:

Tell us about yourself.

I entered the industry in 2001. Tried to be an actor. I tried a lot but it didn't work out. At that time I worked for a TV serial named 'Padmavyuham' for a few days through a make-up man. After that, I stopped doing it due to some issues. I moved to Madras. Through a friend there, I joined director Suresh as an assistant director to work for a serial. I learned a lot of things from him. After that, I worked as a prompter for some TV serials. That's how my career took off. So far, I have directed hit serials for all major TV channels. Till now, I have directed more than five thousand episodes. I have also done serial production for Zee Telugu and Maa TV. That time I got an opportunity to direct this movie 'Rudram Kota'.

What is 'Rudram Kota' about?

We have made this film based on some real incidents which were happened near the place Rudram Kota. This is a coming of age love story that grows up in a graveyard. The story takes place in the backdrop of Rudram Kota, a village near Bhadrachalam. We are showing scenes that no one has shown till now. The movie has elements that will appeal to all sections of the audience. It can be said that it is a youthful entertainer with love and lust at its centre. There is also a message.

Tell us about the actors.

Senior actress Jayalalitha garu has played the lead role in this. Her performance as Kotamma is amazing. Rudhra acted as the hero. Although this is his first film, he acted without any inhibitions. He is convincing in his role. Also, heroines Shakti and Vibhisha both acted so well. Every character is crucial to the story.

What is the importance of music in 'Rudram Kota'?

There are five songs in this movie. Subhash Anand and Niranjan are the two music directors who have worked on the music. Recently, songs have been released via Tips Audio. The response has been fab.

What is the difference between handling TV serials and directing feature films?

TV serials are mostly targeted at the female audience. My TV serials are household names although I myself am not. Films are different. The director attains fame and following if it clicks.

Where was 'Rudram Kota' shot?

We completed the entire shoot in 26 days in a village called Rudram Kota'. While Suchitra Chandra Bose has choreographed a song, Keerthi Seshu has choreographed the romantic song. The Shiva Thandavam song which comes in the climax was done by Shiva Shankar Master. It is sad that the master is no more. The songs are visually awesome.

What are the key highlights of the movie?

Jayalalitha's role as Kotamma is the biggest highlight of the movie. Also the music is another highlight. Till now, I have worked with Jayalalitha on many TV serials. I admire her a great deal. Jayalalitha has supported our film a lot.

We are releasing the movie in a grand manner on September 22.

Which director do you admire the most?

Rajamouli is my role model as a director. He also first did a serial called 'Shanti Nivasam'. After that, he directed films and took Telugu cinema to the Oscar level. I find him exemplary and inspirational.


Jayalalitha, Alekhya, Bachi, Ramya and others.


Cinematographer: Adimalla Sanjeev; Music Directors: Subhash Anand, Niranjan; Editor: Avula Venkatesh; Dance Master: Kirti Seshu Sivashankar, Suchitra Chandra Bose; Fight Master: Joshua; Dialogue Writer: Ranga; Lyricist: Sagar; Costume Designer: Viva Reddy; PRO: Chandra Vattikuti, Mohan Tummala, GK Media; Producer: Anil Arka Kandavalli; Story-Screenplay-Direction: Ramu Kona

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