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A Gripping Teaser Of 'Yendira Ee Panchayithi' Unveiled

 A Gripping Teaser Of 'Yendira Ee Panchayithi' Unveiled

The upcoming film 'Yendira Ee Panchayithi' is a beautiful love story set in a village backdrop. The movie has many other layers which were revealed through its intriguing teaser. Pradeep Kumar. M is producing this movie under the banner of Prabhat Creations, while Gangadhara. T is making his debut as a director. Bharat and Vishika Laxman are making their debut as a hero and heroine.

The teaser begins on a surprising note with the protagonist attacking his girlfriend’s father with a beer bottle and stabs him. Bharat and his friends do small-time robberies. This guy flirts with a beautiful girl played by Vishika. “She initially hates him, and tells him, “Nee Gurinchi Alochinchadaniki Arjun Reddy Movie Lo Hero Anukuntunnava?”. Then, we get to see a beautiful romance between the lead pair. Things take a different turn after the village’s president is killed and the money from his home is theft. Bharat is arrested as a suspect in the murder case and the girl starts hating him. The teaser has a thought-provoking dialogue: “Vayasayyaka Thandrini Vadilese Kodukulunnaru Kaanee… Chedipoyadani Kodukuni Vadilese Thandri Ledu Lakshmi…”

This gripping teaser impresses big time, for its unique theme, superb taking, wonderful performances, and technical brilliance. Bharat has come up with a wonderful performance, and so is Vishika. Satish Masam and PR (Peddapalli Rohit) win brownie points for their work as cinematographer and music director respectively. The teaser sets good expectations for the movie.

JP is the editor for this movie, while Venkat Palwai and Priyanka Erukala penned the dialogues. Kasi Vishwanath, Totapalli Madhu, Ravi Varma, Prem Sagar, Sameer, Vijay and Chittoor’s Teja played important roles in this movie.

The makers of this movie will announce its release date soon.

Technical Crew:

Banner: Prabhat Creations

Producer: Pradeep Kumar. M

Director: Gangadhara. T

Cameraman: Satish Masam

Music: PR (Peddapally Rohit)

Dialogues: Venkat Palvai, Priyanka Erukala

Editor: JP

DI: PVB Bhushan

PRO: Sai Satish, Rambabu

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