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''SANTOSHAM'' into 22nd year - 2023 Awards Function Coming Soon

 ''SANTOSHAM'' into 22nd year - 2023 Awards Function Coming Soon

Let us view a remarkable narrative on the occasion of Santosham Weekly's 21st and 22nd years. 

In this digital age, finishing twenty-one years and entering the spring of twenty-two is no little effort. 'Santhosham' turns 21 on August 2nd and enters it’s 22nd year. 

At the moment, press management is on a knife edge, and newsprint prices are on the rise, posing the most severe financial challenge. However, 'Santhosham' is gaining popularity and facing financial difficulties. It's a fantastic event in Cine Week Press! Suresh Kondeti, also known as Santosham Suresh, was the one who made this possible.

He is the one who has attained 'Santosham'. Suresh treated Santosham as his child of mind and treated it as unique and incredible, enjoying its growth immensely, adding new features from time to time, making every issue beautiful, and earning a special place for it in the cinema, which is why everyone is still reading ''Santhosham'' every week. 

He never tried to throw stones at anyone while holding a magazine. He did not try to blackmail anyone by pretending to hold a magazine. The truth is that he will not agree to harm anyone with his publication! That is his unique characteristic. 

Suresh Kondeti exemplifies sincerity. He expects others to be as honest as he is. Suresh Kondeti is respected by both seniors and juniors in the film industry as he always updates himself to meet the needs of today's generation too. He is fortunate to continue to grow.

Suresh Kondeti encountered numerous challenges in the profession. He had many setbacks. If others are depressed by the difficulties, losses, and troubles, they pack their belongings and start another prosperous business, but Suresh Kondeti never failed to smile! Suresh possesses that natural quality.

That is how this inconceivable experience, seniority, contacts, and influence were obtained in such a short period of time. 

He has also developed another method of informing people about what is going on in the film industry as his "Film News," which has a minimum of 30K viewers each day.

The magazine may be carried without problem. ‘Annual celebrations' can be fantastically commemorated. However, organizing an anniversary awards event is unusual. 

This award ceremony has been held in conjunction with Santosham's anniversary festivities. Everyone cannot make an award presentation greater than an anniversary celebration.

Suresh, on the other hand, had a chance. The term "awards ceremony" does not imply gathering people from the Hyderabad industry and handing out awards. South Indian Film Awards are being organized for the four South Indian language theatres. Suresh Kondeti skillfully executes the impossible program of inviting and recognizing senior artistes in southern languages every year.

Suresh Kondeti is a dedicated worker and that is his key to success. If not, would Suresh be able to conduct the awards ceremony alone for years, which no other Telugu newspaper/magazine could (and some even halted in the middle!)do ?

Suresh's talent is evidenced by the fact that a regional magazine has hosted an award ceremony in conjunction with its anniversary for years. Having skill is not enough in our film industry. Suresh Kondeti, who has maintained his honesty and trust, is at the apex of everything and is sounding the victory horn.

Suresh Kondeti has not only kept himself up to speed by awarding popular OTTs, but he also serves as a guide for industry circles. 

There is a chance that the contents of the Santosham film and the OTT awards event that will be hosted this year will be announced shortly.

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