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Sai Dharam Tej shows his respect for women through the musical short 'Soul Of Satya'

 Sai Dharam Tej shows his respect for women through the musical short 'Soul Of Satya'

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej has always been responsible towards society. His charity acts stem from his strong belief that social good is one's basic duty as a human. The actor, known for several box-office hits over the years, has always been at the forefront of making donations towards the causes he believes in strongly. A part of his earnings has gone towards charity. He has funded an old age home in Vijayawada, winning the hearts of many. The talented actor, known for meaningful films like 'Republic', has also adopted 100 children in a school from a school in a village in Telangana.

Tej's respect towards women is something that has been evidently clear in his films. The actor, who has been on a roll by doing films like 'Virupaksha' and 'BRO' in recent times, has led a patriotic and socially relevant short film that embodies the greatness of women. Sai Dharam Tej's speeches have reflected his respect towards womanhood. Since women's well-being and empowerment are causes that are close to his heart, he has done 'Soul Of Satya' despite his busy schedule.

The short film, which was released recently, intends to convey the message that human survival would be impossible without women. Senior actor VK Naresh's son hero Naveen Vijay Krishna has directed the short. Co-starring 'Colors' Swathi, it is produced by Harshith and Hanshitha of Dil Raju Productions. On Independence Day, Ram Charan released the musical short and appreciated the team.

At the level of conception, the short film is a tribute to our brave soldiers who are ever-ready to lay down their lives for us on the borders. Their mothers, wives, and sisters are left behind in this selfless journey. Sai Dharam Tej plays a soldier in the short. And Colors Swati acted as his wife.

The love between the married couple has been brought out with so much warmth and nuance in 'Soul Of Satya'. Sai Dharam Tej's portrayal of the role of a soldier who loves his wife on the one hand and his nation, on the other hand, is studied. This feel-good emotional song is dedicated to every woman who has contributed to the making of the personality of our soldiers and warriors. Singer Shruti Ranjani has set the song to tune. She is also its lyric writer.

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