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Rajugari Kodipulao Movie Review

 Check out the Review of Rajugari Kodipulao Movie Starring Shiva Kona, Prabhakar, Kunal Kaushik, Neha Desh Pandey, Prachi Thacker, Abhilash Bhandari, Ramya Dinesh Directed by  Shiva Kona Produced by Anil Moduga, Shiva Kona under AMF, Kona Cinema Banner Praveen Mani composed Music Pawan Guntuku handled Camera movie Released today  04-08-2023 on a grand scale 


Rajugaru (Prabhakar) runs a hotel and becomes very famous with Kodipulao. He looks very happy outside but in reality he is not happy he always wanted a son and happy going wife he did not get both suddenly he met with accident and loses his both legs 

On the other side some friends who met after a long time plan a road trip. Danny (Shiva Kona) and Candy (Prachi ) Akanksha (Neha Desh Pandey) and Badri (Kunal Kaushik) Farooq (Abhilash Bandari) and Esha (Ramya Dinesh) 

Suddenly their car gets break down and they have to walk in forest 

Candy dies in front of them on their journey. The cause of his death is unknown.Later Isha disappears from that group.finally the rest go to a house in the forest. And that's where the real twist begins. What happened to Candy? Who is Danny? What are reasons for death ? Forms the rest of the story 

Performances and Technical Aspects 

In this segment we must appreciate all the actors for thier performances. Prabhakar has done good job asusual Shiva Kona has done justice to his role Kunal Kaushik, Neha Desh Pandey, Prachi Thacker, Abhilash Bhandari, Ramya Dinesh  did a decent job they all lived in their roles 

Coming to Technical Aspects In this segment we must appreciate producers for their production values  .Director Shiva Kona has done a terrific job his Narration is so Engaging he has given Audience a seat edge experience dialogues are good Cinematography is Rich Editing is good Background Music is Excellent it has taken movie to next level 


On whole a Rajugari Kodipulao is a tasty Feast to go audience go and enjoy this Weekend 

Telugucinemas.in Rating 3/5 

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