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Katha Keli Teaser Launched Grandly

 I want Satish Vegesna's new effort 'Katha Keli' to be a big hit - Ace producer Dil Raju at the teaser launch event

Presented by Chinta Gopalakrishna Reddy, the movie 'Katha Keli' is being made under the banner of Shatamanam Bhavati Arts and directed by Satish Vegesna. Top producer Dil Raju released the 'Katha Keli' movie logo at the teaser launch event on Sunday. Star director Harish Shankar released the teaser. On this occasion,

Ace producer Dil Raju said, "When Vinayak, Harish Shankar and Satish Vegesna were in our temple talking about the story of Shatamanam Bhavati, when asked about the title, Vinayak and Harish said the title Shatamanam Bhavati was very good. That Shatamanam Bhavati movie won the National Award under our banner. I am very happy that he put up the banner under the same name. It felt very positive. All the best to everyone including Satish. I wish Sathish's effort in bringing together new actors and technicians will be a big hit. Watching the teaser of 'Katha Keli', it seems that Satish has made a new effort. I want the film to be a success and good luck to all."

Star director Harish Shankar said that the title "Shatamanam Bhavati" is very important to all of us. While I was shooting for the DJ, Dil Raju ran like a little kid and said that we have won the National Award. We are very Happy. Shatamanam Bhavati is the movie that took Telugu cinema to the national level after many years and made us all proud. My heartfelt thanks to Satish garu. He was a successful writer before he became a director. Our journey has started since then. Satish, who has worked on films like Gabbar Singh to DJ and Subramaniam for Sale, is now very happy to put up the banner Shatamanam Bhavati. This banner will always have my support and coordination. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dil Raju garu who came to bless the person who put up the banner with the title of his film. Once again I heartily congratulate Dil Raju garu who has won unanimously as the President of Telugu Film Chamber. Congratulations to the actors and technicians who acted in it. If you see the teaser of Katha Keli movie, I think that the movie will bring good name and profits to the banner."

Presenter of the film, Chinta Gopala Krishna Reddy said, "Thanks to Dil Raju garu and Harish Shankar garu who came to bless our team. Thanks to Satish garu for giving me a part in this film.

Film director Satish Vegesna said, "It's been years since I entered the industry. I saw my name on screen for the first time in Priya O Priya. I have been a writer and director since that day till today. Many people asked why this banner was put up. I asked EVV Satyanarayana garu the same question. I have worked with him from the movie Hi to the last movie of EVV. He used to tell his experiences. Once when I asked why they put the banner of EVV movie, we got nothing but movie. We can only make films. Producers don't make films with us when we are in flops. Even if the producers are OK, artists will not come forward. He said that we have to do it ourselves, no matter how difficult it is. Now I put up the banner with the words he said. Kothi Kommachchi and Sree Sree Rajavaru films which I started are getting delayed due to Covid. This Kathakeli is a movie where we wanted to make a concept based movie in this gap. My father, who was responsible for my burial journey, was a writer who was the writer, and the director who made me a director, this is the director of the saints, Allari Nareshi, Dil Raju, Dil Raju, Dil Raju, Dil Raju. I am forever indebted to my wife Rama, my son Yashwin, daughter Shirish and younger brother Pradeep, who supported me in this career. All the artists in this movie have told many stories till now. Usually everyone has told ghost stories. But if the devil has to tell the story this is our Katha Keli movie. As Dil Raju garu said, even though he tries to be different, in my style there is a story where all the families look at it and remember their old memories. There is a story that the youth of today likes and a horror comedy that makes everyone laugh. Thanks to my artists and technicians who worked in this movie and to our Chinta Gopala Krishna Reddy garu. The movie definitely entertains everyone," he said.

Music director SK Balachandran said, "Thanks to Narendra Vermagari who is the main reason for me to work in this film. I call director Satish Vegesnagari Captain Cool. Very slowly he gets the desired output. "Kathakeli will soon come forward for all of you."

Cinematographer Damu Narraula said, "Thanks to director Satish Vegesna garu for giving me the opportunity".

Poojita Ponnada said, "Kathakeli movie will come with a different concept. Many actors acted. Everyone will remember. I played a different role. Everyone likes the movie."

Ajay said, "I also have a story in Katha Keli". Satish gave cool support. Thanks to him for giving him the opportunity."

Nandini said, "I am lucky to work with Satish who is a National Award winner. They gave him a chance in the movie of Kothi Kommachchi with him. From there I am getting many opportunities. I am happy to act in this movie.

Actor Yashwin said, "I am on this stage because of my mother and father. "Thanks to everyone who believed in me and brought me this far," he said.

Dinesh Tej said, "Thanks to Satish for making me a part of Katha Keli". I will please in a new role. It will be very entertaining," he said.

Baladitya said, "I have a connection with Satishgari since time immemorial. He is my lucky charm. He was given an opportunity in the movie Ketan Manishavadura. The next film Polimera was a huge hit. The reason for getting an opportunity in that movie is because of how good the movie is. Later, the opportunity came in Tamil cinema as well. This trip happened because of Satishgari's good self. "I will appear in a good role in Katha Keli."

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