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Hero Santosh Soban Interview About Prem Kumar

 Prem Kumar' Is Based On A Point Never Seen Before In Telugu Cinema - Hero Santosh Soban

Santosh Soban starrer's latest film 'Prem Kumar' costarring Raasi Singh and Ruvhitha Sadineni is all set to hit the screens. Shiva Prasad Panneeru produced this film under the Sharanga Entertainment Pvt Ltd banner. Writer Abhishek Maharshi is making his debut as a director. The film which is blended with love and entertaining elements is releasing in theaters on 18th August. On this occasion, Hero Santosh Soban interacted with the media. Here is the transcript of his media interaction with 'Prem Kumar'...

What is the story of 'Prem Kumar'?

- For so many years, the climax in our Telugu films happened to be a marriage scene where the hero finally convinces the heroine's father with eye-opening dialogues and leaves with the heroine. One person was always left behind, the bridegroom who was supposed to marry that heroine. No one knows about his situation. How much he prepared for that marriage, how does he feel after investing so much in that marriage financially and emotionally... No one thinks about him. 'Prem Kumar' is his story made by director Abhishek. In the course of 100 years of Indian cinema, we have seen so many characters, stories. It is a new kind of experience to portray a character which is never been explored and do a story that has never been told before. For instance, the point we discussed in Ek Mini Katha is very new to Telugu cinema. Likewise, the story of a leftover bridegroom is never told before. Even he has certain emotions. Director Abhishek has written that perfectly that too in an entertaining way.

Is there any inspiration behind 'Prem Kumar?

- I don't know what is the actual inspiration behind the story of 'Prem Kumar'. But, director Abhishek told me that he knows some people who faced such situations in their life. The idea behind selecting 'Prem Kumar' as the title is that Bollywood films made under Rajashree Productions Sooraj Barjatya are known for revolving around marriages. The lead actor's name in those films is always 'Prem'. The guy named Prem Kumar is over-smart. But, it doesn't help him. Unlucky fellow. Nothing favors him. Finally, after taking so many risks, he gets married.

How did you recognize Director in Abhishek?

- Abhishek acted in some films. He wrote 'Prem Kumar' after he decided to turn into a director. As a director, he believed me. I didn't okay with this project because the character suits me. I liked it the moment I listened to it. I love comedy and I liked the way how Abhishek wrote it. His dialogues are very close to reality.

You have been doing films with marriage as the main theme. What about your marriage and the pressure you are facing from your family?

- No, they don't have the thought yet. They only ask about my next film. I am getting depression seeing marriage costumes. I feel like I am not interested in getting married as a grand affair. I want to get married by register marriage simply.

How do you feel about not scoring a theatrical success yet?

- I have worked with many good directors in my career so far. I enjoyed working with them. When I question whether I chose the right scripts so far, I get No as an answer. But, I am happy working with Nandini Garu, Gandhi Garu, and Maruthi Garu. I believe 'Prem Kumar' will get me that success. My body language and dialogue will be very new in this film. Abhishek, Shiva, and I are friends, even before starting this film. I hope this film will entertain the audience like how Jandhyala Garu, Vamsi Garu, and EVV Gari films did.

About the next projects?

- I will do a film in UV creations banner. Another project will be in Sithara Entertainments banner. Details about these projects will be announced soon.

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