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Dayaa series will thrill everyone on August 4th: Actress Ramya Nambessan

 Dayaa series will thrill everyone on August 4th: Actress Ramya Nambessan

Leading OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar, which came up with Jhansi Season 2, Dead Pixels and Save The Tigers this year, is back with a slew of new Telugu shows. The upcoming show Dayaa from Disney+ Hotstar is now raising curiosity with the promotional content.

The show stars versatile actor JD Chakravarthy, Eesha Rebba, Ramya Nambessan and other prominent actors. It is directed by Pavan Sadineni and Shrikant mohta, Mahendra Soni producing the series under SVF banner, a leading Bengali production house. As the release date is nearing, heroine Ramya Nambeeshan interacted with the media as part of the promotions.

My name is Ramya Nambessan. I have mostly done Tamil and Malayalam films. I am coming to Telugu with 'Dayaa'. In this I played the role of Kavita, a journalist. I will do the film if I connect with any character. I was shocked when Pavan told me this story. I never thought that an offer would come from the Telugu industry. Every character has importance in this project. It is worth watching till the end.

I did a movie called Saarai Veerraju in Telugu. But I didn't make films here if I didn't get many roles that I liked. I have done films in Tamil and Malayalam. But now Daya web series is releasing in seven languages. Now all of them have become Pan Indian actors.

The energy comes only when the JD Chakravarthy is next to me. I don't have many scenes with him. I want to act with him again. It was a pleasure to work with him. I like Nani in Telugu.

Even the remake of 'Thakdeer' in Bengali will be very new. Taking only the essence of it, Pavan has reworked this script.

Eesha Rebba, Vishnu Priya and I all got roles that were very important. Pavan gave good roles to women in the film. It is not a story that revolves around a single character. Each character has priority.

I have never done such an intense, serious role in my career. Kavita's role is amazing. It is well shown what kind of situations a lady journalist faces. Dayaa entertains everyone.

With the advent of the OTT platform, opportunities have increased for many people. OTT is indeed a great development. New opportunities are coming for everyone. Boundaries have been broken.

The RR given by Bharadwaj is amazing. The songs are good. Visuals and RR are the backbone of this web series. Every department has done a great job. The web series came out amazingly with everyone's collective efforts.

Audience will surely be thrilled to see Daya and they will definitely be shocked after watching this web series. Watch it for the thrill. Currently, the hot star is on the rise. Hot Star is becoming a hot topic in all languages. Hot star is really hot.

I sang a song called Oo Antava in Malayalam for the movie Pushpa. I didn't think it would be such a big hit. All that happened because of Devi Sri Prasad. I also sang a song for the Malayalam version in the movie Dear Comrade.

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