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Vempadappa Lakshmi’s Swathantra Pravesham at Ravindra Bharati

Nishrinkala Dance Academy (Sandhya Raju) presents

Vempadappa Lakshmi’s Swathantra Pravesham at Ravindra Bharati

Hyderabad, 25th July 2023 - Nishrinkala Dance Academy, founded by Sandhya Raju, held a momentous event, "Swathantra Pravesham," to commemorate the outstanding achievements and journey of Vempadappa Lakshmi, a talented Kuchipudi dancer. The event took place at Ravindra Bharathi in Hyderabad.

The evening witnessed the gracious presence of esteemed Chief Guest, Dr. Suchitra Ella, Padma Bhushan Awardee and Co-Founder of Bharat Biotech, and Ms. Leela Samson, Padma Shri Awardee and renowned Bharatanatyam exponent. Also, the event was graced the event by guest of honours, Smt. Nirmala Raja, Chair of Arsha Vidya Mandir and Director of Ramco CSR, and Dr. Anuradha Tadakamalla (Jonnalagadda), a Kuchipudi exponent and HOD at the University of Hyderabad and Smt. Jhansi Garu, a talented television presenter and actress, who has been honoured with the prestigious Nandi Award nine times.

Speaking on the occasion, Sandhya Raju, the founder of Nishrinkala Dance Academy, thanked the dignitaries for attending the event and blessing her student Lakshmi. "It's absolutely special to me that you are here to grace my student Lakshmi Vempadappa's performance which is truly a full-circle moment for me. We are all here to celebrate a wonderful, dedicated and passionate Kuchipudi dancer -- my student Lakshmi of Vishnu Kala Dance Academy. I extend my heartful gratitude to Padma Bhushan Dr. Suchitra Ella garu, Managing Director and Co-founder of Bharath Biotech and Bharatanatyam exponent Padma Shri Ms Leela Samson."

Sandhya Raju further added saying, "I also extend my gratitude to Anuradha Jonnalagadda garu and actress-television presenter Jhansi garu and dear mother Nirmala Raju for accepting to grace the event."

Swathantra Pravesham, a novel ceremony introduced by Nishrinkala Dance Academy, marks a significant milestone in the world of classical dance. Unlike the traditional Rangapravesham, it commemorates the moment when a well-seasoned and mature student emerges from the shadow of their Guru to step forth as a financially independent and creative artist in the world of Kuchipudi. With the blessings of the Guru, the student is encouraged to pursue performances, choreography, teaching, innovation, and artistic individuality while maintaining a strong bond with the Guru, peers, and the institute.

Lakshmi, grew up facing societal discrimination and witnessing her parents' struggles as domestic workers. Discovered by Smt. Sandhya Raju among 150 applicants in 2009, Lakshmi's talent shone brightly, earning her a scholarship with Nishrinkala Dance Academy. Juggling school, beautician courses, and a 5 km walk to dance class, her unwavering determination set her apart and helped her blossom into a performer. Today, she not only contributes as a freelance dancer and full-time teacher at Nishrinkala but also extends her expertise to international students through online classes.

Lakshmi's inner beauty reflects in her actions as she selflessly volunteers to teach Kuchipudi to underprivileged children in her neighbourhood. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of the value of persistence, following one's passion, and giving back to the community. Despite facing obstacles, she emerged victorious, and her inspiring journey touched the hearts of everyone present at the event.

The event celebrated not only Lakshmi's achievements but also the vision of Nishrinkala Dance Academy to push the boundaries of Kuchipudi by creating relevant presentations for contemporary audiences while preserving the traditional syllabus, choreography, and artistic style of the legendary Padma Bhushan Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam Garu. The Academy which offers free scholarships to aspiring dancers aims to be a beacon of excellence in the art of Kuchipudi, training and nurturing young talents like Lakshmi.

Sandhya Raju is a National award winner, known for her tollywood movie NATYAM which spoke High about kuchipudi. She said at many occasions that it’s her dream to take classical dance all over the country most importantly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and encourage artists and support them endlessly via scholarships.

About Nistrinkara Dance Academy:

Nistrinkara Dance Academy, Hyderabad was set up In 2008 by Sandhya Raju to train students in the Ancient Art Of Kuchipudi. Nishrinkala Means unbound and unshackled. The academy always push the boundaries Of Kuchipudi by creating relevant presentations for a contemporary audience while also attempting to preserve and practice the traditional syllabus, choreography and artistic style of Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam Garu. The academy uses Modern Training Techniques to create Professional Dancers of quality and finesse. Nishrinkala Dance Academy aims to be a school of excellence in the art of Kuchipudi

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