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Priya Prakash Varrier Interview About BRO

 Pawan Kalyan is a legend of sorts, I look up to him for what he is: Priya Prakash Varrier 

Much anticipated film Bro starring the Powerstar Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej in the lead roles is the next big Tollywood film coming under the banner People Media Factory, one of the leading production houses in Telugu cinema. The production banner has joined hands with ZEE Studios Bro which is written and directed by Samuthirakani. Trivikram penned the screenplay and dialogues for the film which is scheduled to cinemas all across the globe on July 28.

After her previous outings Check and Ishq, Priya Prakash Varrier bets big on her upcoming movie Bro. As part of the media interaction, one of the female leads Priya Prakash Varrier opened up about her experience working with the Powerstar, and about her character in Bro.

Firstly, tell us how did you land on the project?

"When I watched the original work of Samuthirakani Vinodhaya Sitham, I actually kind of enjoyed watching the film. When director Samuthirakani called me, I gave the look test. Then there was no update about the film and I thought I am not doing the film. This year, in the beginning, they called me up and told me that I am part of the movie. I am extremely happy because I am an upcoming artiste and for me being part of this big movie with big stars, and you know sharing the screenspace with the stars in one or two scenes is like a blessing to me. Samuthirakani told me that he actually saw a lot of people for this role and finally came thinking of me, and what more I could ask." 

Priya Prakash further adds, "For me to share screen space with legendary actors like Pawan Kalyan garu is a huge blessing at the start of my career itself. There is this aura in him, I can't describe it. When he works on the film sets, it was fun seeing him."

What's the look of your character, nothing has been revealed so far about you by the makers. Tell us about it.

"I've combination scenes with both of the actors - Pawan Kalyan garu and Sai Dharam Tej garu. My look is going to be very different from what audiences have seen me on the screen until now. She is a very simple and homely girl. My character's name is Veena. And who is my love interest? What I have to do with the story should be seen only in theatres."

You rose to fame with the just one wink and the whole country got flattered. Do you regret making choices in movie post that stardom?

"First of all, I come from a family with no film background. I have had nobody to guide me through. And what happened after that one wink - which went viral all over the internet - is that too many people around me telling too many things. So I didn't know what to follow. I didn't know who would guide me in the right direction. Yes, I might have made some mistakes and made some bad choices, I think after four to five years I am making the right choices and making myself better."

Coming to the film Bro, tell us about your character's arc. Have you taken any references from the original work?

"I think, the makers for Bro made a lot of improvisations. In the Tamil film, the movie scale is different. Changes are made according to Kalyan garu's performance. Even the duration of Bro is more than the Tamil film. So eventually we have more sequences than the original film. I can't exactly tell my role's duration in the film, but you keep finding me throughout the film here and there."

What you observed in Pawan Kalyan garu and as an actor what did you take from him?

"I don't have many combination scenes with Kalyan garu. Whatever, I have said about his ever-charming aura. He is so calm and composed. When he steps on the sets, everybody gets chaotic. When he walks in he is so calm and asks, "Ah tell me what you want me to do? And it's done in one single take. And as he walks out, people around him might run helter-skelter, but he is so gentle as a human being. For me, it's the biggest lesson. Whatever stature you achieve in life, you should be always down to earth that takes you to places."

Have you interacted with Pawan Kalyan garu on the sets of Bro?

"No, not much. My max interaction with him was a small gesture "namaste". Because I was so nervous. They were always like five people around him. One small mistake that happened during the sets that I unknowingly sat on the chair that was meant for Kalyan garu, and when he arrived I was a bit panicked. Later, everything went smoothly."

Tell us your work experience with director Samuthirakani?

"Samuthirakani sir knows what he wants. He has a lot of conviction. And only if he 200 per cent sure of his actors he would go ahead with the project. When I was on set, because of the fact that he is an actor himself, he knows what he wants from us. He just comes and tells us what we need to do. We just exactly deliver what he is asking for. We don't have to improvise - nothing more and nothing less. Being directed by such a senior actor was such an amazing experience.

Every character in the film has a combination of scenes with everyone. We have such an ensemble cast,

My chemistry with Tej was definitely a different experience. And with Kalyan garu, we look up to him. But with Tej, we developed a really good bond on the sets. Whenever we're on the sets, we're always like pulling each other's leg. He would make fun of me - always trying to get out of the mood. He is that naughty child on the sets. He had a lot of time to spend and chat on the sets. I made really good friends.

For the first time, Priya Prakash has been working with such a big production banner in Telugu - the People Media Factory. "It has been extremely supportive. They're always like trying to accommodate despite my frequent travel from one city to another. and I am too cooperative with my dates and shuttling between locations," she adds. 

Since, you're already a fan of Allu Arjun garu, is there any fluctuation in taste after working with Pawan Kalyan garu for Bro?

"I am going to play safe now (laughs). But you know Pawan Kalyan garu is definitely in a different league. As far as Allu Arjun garu is concerned, I happened to meet him a couple of times - during SIIMA and other events of Filmfare. He was so chilled. But Kalyan garu -- you know, we look at him as someone who is a legend. Definitely, he is what he is."

Have called someone Bro on the sets?

"Nobody called anyone Bro as such. But Tej is like everybody's bro. He never loses the common touch with everyone on the sets."

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