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LGM (Let's Get Married) Is Beautifully Blended With Entertainment & Emotions... Telugu Trailer Released

 LGM (Let's Get Married) Is Beautifully Blended With Entertainment & Emotions... Telugu Trailer Released

Dhoni, Sakshi As Producers, Their First Production LGM (Let's Get Married) Is Ready To Release

Definition of love has changed with current trends and times. Boy and Girl are in a live-in relationship and if they find it compatible with each other then only they are heading for a marriage.  Many wonder what kind of relationship is this before marriage. But, many believe that live-in relationships help boys understand girls and girls understand boys properly before getting into marriage. Due to this convincing reason many are following this modern path.  Keeping all this aside, a girl who is about to marry and start a new life along with her husband and mother-in-law made a strange request. She wants to go on a trip with her future Mother in law so that they get to know each other. Though it sounds somewhat strange, about to be daughter in law and mother in law's journey, the son who tries to solve their differences, his struggles... all these portrayed in a humorous and emotional manner in LGM (Lets Get Married).

The most successful captain in Indian Cricket History, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has ventured into film production. He made his first film LGM under his Dhoni Entertainment Banner. This film is being made in Tamil and is also released in Telugu. Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Nadiya, and Yogi Babu are playing lead roles. Billed to be a fun-filled family entertainer, LGM is directed by Ramesh Tamilmani while Sakshi Dhoni and Vikas Hasija bankrolled it under the Dhoni Entertainment banner. The Telugu trailer of LGM which will hit the screens soon is unveiled by the makers.

LGM surely grabs attention with a whole new different concept with its trailer itself. Hero Harish Kalyan, Heroine Ivana and Nadiya whomplayed as Hero's mother impressed in main roles. Yogi Babu is at his usual best and is about to provide laughs with his mark comedy in LGM.

Director Ramesh Thamilmani said, " Telugu audiences will always encourage different concept based films. It has been proved with many films. Now I made LGM film with a different concept. We discussed how a family should be and how we can understand situations and adjust accordingly in a humorous manner with an emotional touch. We will announce the release date soon. I want to express my thanks to Dhoni sir and to Sakshi madam for this opportunity. "

Mahendra Singh Dhoni says, " I have watched the film. It's a very clean movie. Very good entertainer. I will watch the film along with my daughter. She asks me several questions. But still, I watch LGM with her. The actors and technicians worked very well. A very good team has worked on the film. I am proud that I have produced this movie. Director Ramesh Tamilmani is an architect also.

When my wife came up with the idea of making a film, I told her that making a film is not like designing a house. I said that once she finalized the script and actors, I will make a film. That's how we started the film. It is because of the good team we have, the film has been completed in a short time. I told her to always provide good food to the team.

I believe in destiny. My test career started in Chennai. My highest score is from Chennai. I share a very good bond with Chennai. People from here always display great love and affection. After many setbacks, we came back to form and won the championship feels great. Wherever CSK went, it is showered with limitless love. We will release the LGM film very soon. You will enjoy it a lot. Mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, and son who struggle between them, it is their story."

Sakshi Dhoni says, " We can see a lot of people facing issues showcased in LGM. We thought why can't we make a film around these issues?  Then we talked to Director Ramesh and initiates the project. Dhoni is the reason why we made our first production in Tamil. We made this film here as we share a special bond with this city."

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