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Kuchipudi Palav established in America

 Kuchipudi Palav

established in America

One-stop destination for 

all your cravings throughout 

the world, 24/7 

-Kuchipudi chef-less kitchen

Kuchipudi Venkat creates 

history like never before in 

the Restaurant industry!!!

The maintenance of chefs is a significant issue while handling a restaurant business. Famous director and producer Kuchipudi Venkat achieved a landmark victory by challenging that very challenge. The renowned filmmaker, who has achieved remarkable success with Rajugari Thota and Maredumilli restaurants, has established "Kuchipudi Palav" and is making the entire world talk about the power of Telugus. Andhra, Telangana, Andaman, Arunachal Pradesh, Argentina, Africa, America, or be it any place for that matter, Kuchipudi Venkat is providing a fantastic opportunity to run restaurants that serve healthy palav without any chefs. 

The establishment of Kuchipudi Palav is the result of relentless research done by Kuchipudi Venkat. This Kuchipudi Palav in America will be operated under the leadership of NRI entrepreneur Raju Mandapati. Kuchipudi Palav has been launched by famous producer Dil Raju and honorable Telangana minister Errabelli Dayakar Rao. They lauded Kuchipudi Venkat and Raju Mandapati for introducing the taste of Telugu to foodies around the world!!

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