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Bhaag Saale Pre Release Event Held Grandly

 You will witness a new comedy timing in the film Bhaag Saale : Director Harish Shankar at Pre Release Event

The crime comedy movie "Bhaag Sale" stars Sri Simha Koduri and Neha Solanki in lead roles. The film is directed by Pranith Brahmandapally and produced by Arjun Dasyan in association with Yash Rangineni and Kalyan Singanamala. The music is by Kalabhairava, and the movie is slated for release on July 7.

The team is excited to present a new genre of crime comedy to Telugu cinema enthusiasts worldwide. The film brings together a talented cast, and the trailer has received a positive response from audiences. Yesterday makers arranged a grand pre release event in Hyderabad. Blockbuster and successful directors like Harish Shankar, Dasaradh and Mallidi vashissta were the chief guests for this event. On this occasion,

Powerful director Harish Shankar said, ' After seeing the film Mathuvadalara, I became a fan of Simha. After seeing the film Colour Photo, I became a fan of Kala Bhairava. They are both incredibly humble and honest. Suryakantham, a film directed by Pranith, was one of my favourites. I enjoyed the story of Bhaag saale that he told me. This film is a lot of fun.

He added 'Pranith has a good sense of humour. I was meant to produce this film but missed it. I've seen the film, and you can see fresh comedy timing. Kaala Bhairava's background score is fantastic. He carries his father's legacy. On July 7, you will see an amusing flick. Vishnu and I are working on a film with Pranith. Sri Simha has good timing as well as a pleasant personality and charm.'

Arjun Dasyan said, 'Bhaag Saale belongs to the crime comedy genre, which I enjoy seeing. After seeing the trailer, I became more convinced that the film would be a success. The film will be released on July 7. The music is excellent, and Kaala Bhairava was outstanding. Director Pranith did an excellent job, and I hope to work with him again soon. Despite coming from a big family, both of these brothers are incredibly genuine and sweet. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us at our event. On July 7, we're going to make everyone laugh in the theatres.'

Hero Sri Simha said, 'Thank you to those who came to our event: Harish Shankar garu, Dasaradh garu, Mallidi Vashissta garu, and Vishnu garu. Thank you to Megastar Chiranjeevi garu for providing us with a video snippet on our film. Thanks to Siddhu Jonnalagadda for the voice over. It was a delight to work with senior actors such as Rajiv's uncle and John. Thank you to Ramesh, cameraman, Shruti, art director, and Karthik, editor. I'm delighted that Kaala Bhairava composed the music for our film. Pranith is continually looking for ways to improve. Before going to the shoot, fifteen drafts were written. Thank you to our producers Arjun and Yash for their tremendous support. The film will be released in theatres on July 7. 'We will undoubtedly make everyone laugh,' he said.

Director Pranith Brahmandapally said, 'Thanks to Siddhu Jonnalagadda for the voiceover. The appreciation from Megastar Chiranjeevi garu after watching the trailer is a wonderful moment. Thank you to the guests, director Harish Shankar, Dasaradh and Vashishta garu. When I first started in the industry, my uncles were quite supportive. Winnie, my sister, deserves credit. On the big screen, the hero is Sri Simha. The invisible hero of this film is Kaala Bhairava. We wish to work with our producer, Arjun sir, again and again. He was quite helpful to us. Bhaag Saale is a one-of-a-kind title. This film's characters are all unique. Bhaag Saale will make you laugh ouf loud in theatres. The audience will undoubtedly enjoy it,' he said.

Director Dasaradh said, 'I saw the trailer and it is very good. Kaala Bhairava background score is amazing. Pranith has good dialogue writing capacity. The movie will be a big hit. All the best to whole tean of Bhaag Saale.'

Director Mallidi Vashissta said, "'Trailer is very good. Congrats to Pranith, everything looks solid. Sri Simha's timing is good and Kaala Bhairava music too. I want this movie to be a big hit at the box office on July 7.

Yash Rangineni said, 'Bhaag Sale movie started two years ago. Thanks to Arjun for bringing this project this far. I have seen this movie twice already. It was very entertaining. Handling so many roles is no ordinary thing. Movies like this are rare. Kaala Bhairava music is amazing. Sri Simha looks very energetic. Watch this movie in the theater on July 7', he said.

Vishnu Induri said, 'I've known Pranith from long time. I saw the trailer of this movie and it looks amazing. Hats off to the producers who made a film in the crime comedy genre. The movie is going to hit the theaters on July 7. Everyone should watch it.'

Kaala Bhairava said, 'I am looking forward to July 7. A two-hour movie ends without knowing the time at all. Those who have seen it once will definitely come back and see it again.'

Cameraman Ramesh said, 'In the industry, I have people like Simha and Kaala Bhairava as brothers. Pranith has became another brother with this movie. The title of Bhaag Saale was set for me during the shooting of this film. Watch our film is theatres and support us on July 7th.'

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