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Baby Thank You Meet Held Grandly

 Thanks to audience for tremendous applause and making Baby a blockbuster: Baby Team at Thank You Meet

Baby starring Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin, is releasing in theatres yesterday. The film is written and directed by Sai Rajesh. The film received unanimous cult blockbuster talk from audience. Youth are massively patronising the film because they connect with the characters, dialogues, and phenomenal performances. With this, the film unit organized a thank you meet to thank the audience for making the film such a big hit. In this event,

Director Sai Rajesh said, 'I usually write a script where screenplay will be so fast because I don't want audience to feel bored while watching the film. But while writing the story of this Baby, I wanted to show the story and the characters slowly. I thought that if I make a film with slow narration like this, it will work or not. But the audience are enjoying every scene. Those who are spreading negative, carry on. Those who loved film are praising and I accept all. Twenty years ago I faced same situation and for eight months I went through hell. I wrote this story to convey that pain. I have not written the story from Vaishnavi perspective. I wrote the story from Anand's point of view. My first love was successful. But I know that pain. I wanted to show what that pain is like. I struggled a lot to write these three characters. From whose point of view I should think and write and I thought a lot about how people will take it. I thought a lot about the title too. I think my films should have catchy titles. I wanted to put Baby in such an order. I have also made changes in the script accordingly. Pain is more effective than the happiness that comes from love and it is stronger. Criticisms are coming for the film are fake. Many important scenes trimmed by the censors. In future I will produce films and direct. I am doing my next film again with our SKN.

Producer SKN said, 'Thanks to the media for giving the first review of this film. I thought it would be enough if my friends in the media liked it. Everyone said that it was amazing and that I made a good movie. The audience came out crying after watching the film and all the buyers came out laughing. So, it means that my film is a success. It is known that the movie was a success when it was premiered in Prasad IMAX. That theatre is like a temple for me

We completed the film after many hardships. We thought the length was too long. I know we made a good movie. The audience didn't see the length in this film, they saw the strength in emotions and characters. This movie would have been an utter flop if it was cut by another half hour. Sai Rajesh took the decision to understand the emotions of the characters and tell them in such a way that audience can be understood. I am proud to be the producer of Baby. Thanks to my friend Sai Rajesh for giving such a beautiful film. Now I can't even call my friend Rara Pora. My respect for him is grown a lot. Anand, Vaishnavi and Viraj have committed to this film by believing in us. They did not make another film in this journey. Everyone hating Vaishnavi and that means she connected with audience. Vijai Bulganin is a man of amazing talent. They are asking how much they spent on the movie for the visuals. That's the magic of Bal Reddy's camera. The entire team worked hard for this film. We are in a baby success mood right now. We worked hard for three years and made the film. For the last fifteen days we worked without eating and drinking properly. Last night we had a satisfied meal and went to bed. If the majority of the audience likes the movie, it will be successful. That's how our baby movie became a success. This victory of ours belongs to all.

Anand Devarakonda said, "We are new to the big screen and I'm not used to the crowd yet. I heard that Baby is the movie with the highest openings among small movies. Thanks to the audience for such a great success. I saw the movie for the first time at Sandhya Theatre with audience. I went to see thier reaction and thier response was at a different level for each scene. Baby is reality and bold content. Such things happen in many people's lives. I was not afraid when I heard this story and character rather it sounded exciting. No matter how much we acted, it was all possible because of Sai Rajesh's writing. Thanks to Sai Rajesh Anna for such a good role and such a good movie. Thanks to SKN Anna and Dheeraj Anna who believed in us and made the film. Vijai Anna rocked with his music. Bal Reddy's camera work is amazing. "Thanks to the audience for supporting me so much," he said.

Vaishnavi Chaitanya said, 'July 14 will be remembered for the rest of our lives. We are very happy and very proud. The audience are connected to every dialogue. Screaming, whistling and clapping makes one feel very happy. I didn't think much about future films and my role. Baby is my first movie and I gave my life for it. Playing the role I did in the movie Baby was not easy. Even if a small meter is missing, then the meaning will be lost. Sai Rajesh has designed the character wonderfully. My friends were also surprised to see me on big screen. Thanks to everyone who worked for the film.'

Vijai Bulganin said, 'I wanted to see a house full board for my movie. My wish came true with this Baby. I am always indebted to the directors and producers who believed in me and gave me this opportunity.

Cameraman Bal Reddy said, 'Thanks to the director and producer for giving me such a good opportunity. Thanks to the audience for giving a good success for us.

Co-producer Dheeraj Mogileni said, 'Our director has a sentiment that it would be better if premieres started in Prasads IMAX. It started as one screen, it became four screens. Due to the demand, we have increased the paid premieres. We have put together 100 premiere shows in all areas. All the shows were housefull. Many people cried after watching the premiere shows. Thanks to director Sai Rajesh for making such a good movie. Writing to making everything is amazing and people loved that.. Not every movie gets this kind of success. They say it's a cult classic. Movies like this come once in ten years. We felt shocking after seeing the opening day collections.

Viraj Ashwin said, 'Thanks to the audience for supporting the movie Baby. I am very happy and satisfied to see this success. Thanks to the media for supporting our film so much. Many people like Arvind, Maruti, Vijay supported Baby. Our entire team has worked hard for this kind of success today.

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