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Audience will leave Cinema hall with heavy heart: BABY movie producer SKN

 Audience will leave Cinema hall with heavy heart: BABY movie producer SKN

Baby is the upcoming Telugu romantic movie written and directed by Sai Rajesh, who produced the National Award winning film Color Photo. Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin are the film’s leads. The film is bankrolled by SKN through his production house, Mass Movie Makes. The film creating excellent buzz with each song. The movie is a live testament to what exceptional music can do when it comes to film promotions.

The film releasing worldwide on July 14th and makers are currently busy with promotions.On the occasion of his birthday on July 7th (Tomorrow), Today producer SKN interacted with the media about the film Baby and how special this film is. He said "Looking back, I don't think I've celebrated a birthday in the last five years. This time is special since our film Baby is being released. This film is an intensely emotional love story. The music is also excellent. This film boasts the best music in recent times. The dialogues and scenes are fresh."

There are scenes in this film that have never been seen before in a love story. I'm amazed how the director crafted those scenes. The film's sequences between the three main characters take a novel approach. Before the interval, there will be a major twist. When Sai Rajesh narrated this story to me during the filming of Taxiwala, I was impressed with the story and assured him that this will be my next project. I liked the director's approach and decided to make this film following Taxiwala. I've done several films in collaboration with other producers in the past, but I've decided to make this one as a solo producer.

Because of Corona, no one made films for two years. Baby took a year and a half to make. Maruthi, the director, is also a partner in this project. Bunny Vass, Maruthi, and UV Creations Vamsi and I have been friends since before we started making films. With Mirchi, Vamsi became producer. Bunny Vass with the film 100% love, then Maruthi became the director. We all hear stories, and everyone enjoyed the story in this film.

The director informed me that he would do this film with Anand. When he made his decision, even Anand's first film was not released. Even if there is a star hero in the house, Anand is simple. In this film, there are two heroes, and I believed Anand would do well. I'm not a big believer of market. What we build is a market. When I did the film with Vijay Deverakonda, Arjun Reddy had not yet been released. I made the film with the expectation that he would become a star. And with this film, Anand will make a name for himself as an actor. Baby will become a special film in his career.

The dialogues in the film are excellent. Dialogues are the reactions of characters to situations. Music takes a larger importance in the film. Music department and the singers are all Telugu people. If there is a buzz before the film's release, it is due to the songs composed by Vijay.

Concerning the poster, The poster was removed from Twitter because it was poorly created. We had previously considered a different poster. He stated that if the poster is vertical and located in Prasad Multiplex, they can take it from there. With this, we have released an additional poster in addition to the already scheduled poster. However, it did not come as predicted. It was instantly deleted. Everyone said don't cancel. I am a person who believes that publicity should come from content, not from controversy. There is a good buzz about the movie as the songs are already clicking.

In my life, I've had love failures. As a result, I watch more love stories. I've been on the Baby film sets for two years. From now on, I intend to do two films per year. All of the stories I've heard during Corona's time will be made in the future. I've decided that two films will be released in theatres and one on OTT. The film's will be in different genre like popular in sci-fi, horror, and the supernatural. But if we all do the same thing, we'll end up with fewer stories. In the future, I shall not move in that route. Many people recommended I direct, but I'm not interested. Sai Rajesh will work on two more films with mass producers and two more with colour photographers.Sai Rajesh will do two more films with Mass movie makers, two films with Color Photo director, one film with VI nand and another film with Shyam Singha Roy director Rahul. There will be an official announcement soon.

I developed discipline because I began my profession as a journalist. What can we do to increase market share? What will the audience think? Will we be safe if we do what? As a journalist and PR, I learned everything. I learned about film promotions while working as a PRO for celebrities. I feel more like a member of the audience than a producer.

I feel the Baby movie will connect with the audience because it will.thier story. They leave the cinema hall with a heavy heart and thinking about the film. Bunny garu is not required to attend the promotions. He's my everlasting attachment.

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