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Trailer Bhaag Saale promises a roller coaster ride

 Trailer Bhaag Saale promises a roller coaster ride

Sri Simha Koduri is playing the hero in the new movie Bhaag Saale. Neha Solanki will be seen as the female lead. The film is a crime comedy under the direction of Praneet Brahmandapalli. The film is produced by Arjun Dasyan, Yash Rangineni and Kalyan Singanamala with Big Ben and Cine Valley Movies Association under the banner of Vedansh Creative Works. Bhag Saale is gearing up for release on July 7. Hero Karthikeya recently released the trailer of this film. 

Heroine Nandini Rai said, "This movie, this character is very special for me. It will be remembered forever in my career. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me such a good opportunity. Kalabhairava gave superb music. We congratulate him. Remember July 7th. Watch our movie in the theatre."

Producer Arjun Dasyan said, "Crime comedy is the favourite genre of Telugu audiences. In the past, there are many successful movies like Money Money, Ksana Ksham, Brochevaravarura and Swami Rara. We started this film thinking of making a film in a new genre after the pandemic. Comedy movies are coming but not good crime comedies. It will be a movie that will bring the name to Sri Simha. On July 7th, we are releasing it in two Telugu states as well as worldwide through Suresh Distributions.

Music director Kalabhairava said, "While working on this film, two hours of fun and entertaining time passed without realizing it. We hope that the audience will get a similar experience in the theater tomorrow. Don't miss this fun. Come to the theater and see it."

Director Praneet said, "Bhaag Saale is crazily sounded and Fun is created in that name itself. Recently our release World of Bhag Saale has received an amazing response. Seeing that gave us more confidence. It is a completely Hyderabad-based movie. The shooting of the film was also done in Secunderabad, Warasiguda and Old City. In the shooting process, along with the hero Sri Simha, the producers Arjun and Kalyan supported well. Ours is a movie like a good Irani Chai."

Hero Sri Simha Koduri said, "My character's name in this film is Arjun. He is also a thief. He gives cutting as he does what he wants to do. He makes sure that his work is done. It will be interesting to see how Arjun's life takes a turn after finding the precious ring. We are confident about the success of the film."

Hero Karthikeya said, "I saw the trailer of Bhaag Saale. After watching this trailer, it seems that the title is well set. The movie will be very entertaining. All the characters in the movie are full of energy. Until now Bhag Saale is Mahesh's song. Now I am reminded of the movie. Although there are many great technicians in his house. Sri Simha is trying to make an identity for himself. I like his simplicity. This movie should be a big hit for Sri Simha." 

Actor Priyadarshi said, "I liked the world of Bhag Saale. Telling a story like this is impressive. Producer Arjun is my good friend. The stories chosen by Sri Simha are impressive. If I can find his dates, I would like to act in those stories. All the best to this team."

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