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Takkar is an action packed new age love story: Siddharth

 Takkar is an action packed new age love story: Siddharth

Siddharth, the charming hero who has earned an indelible place in the hearts of the Telugu audience with movies like 'Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana' and 'Bommarillu', is the latest movie 'Tukkar'. The film is directed by Karthik G. Krish. The film is produced by TG Vishwaprasad in collaboration with Abhishek Aggarwal Arts and Passion Studios under People Media Factory banner. Co-produced by Vivek Kuchibhotla, the film stars Divyansha Kaushik as the female lead. The movie is going to release on June 9, 2023 in Telugu and Tamil languages.

The makers are currently busy with promotions and as part of this, the film team organized the grand pre-release event today in Hyderabad. Directors Bommarillu Bhaskar, Tharun Bhascker, Venkatesh Maha and famous producer Suresh Babu participated in this pre-release event.

On this occasion, Legendary producer Suresh Babu said, "Vishwa Prasad and Vivek are my good friends, Siddharth is also a good friend of mine from a long time. I wish them all the best. I want this movie to be a good hit."

Director Tharun Bhascker said, "I'm delighted to be here. Siddharth appears to be the Kamal Haasan of this generation, always trying something fresh. Siddharth has always been this way. The trailer is excellent; everyone should go to the theatres on 9th June to see the film."

Director Karthik G says, "Greetings to all media friends and Thanks to TG Vishwaprasad and Vivek Kuchibotla garu for their help. This film contains universal story. There are three reasons to release this film in Telugu. The first is your Siddharth, followed by the lovely Divyansha. The final and third reason is that the Telugu audience loved our guru Shankar's films, and I hope that they will adore his protege film as well. This film will set a new standard for the genre and will far exceed your expectations. On June 9th, this film will be released in theatres."

Gorgeous Divyansha Kaushik said, "This movie will release on June 9. Experience this movie in the theater. Thank you so much."

Eminent producer TG Vishwa Prasad said, "Thanks to Suresh Babu garu for coming here and directors Bhaskar, Venkatesh Maha and Tharun Bhascker. I've been in the United States for ten years. I used to watch films on DVD, but one day I went to see Siddharth's Bommarillu in a theatre for the first time. Since then, I've only watched films in theatres. This is the Pan India era, and every film is Pan India. In collaboration with Subhan, we plan to produce a Telugu film soon."

Producer Abhishek Aggarwal said, "We are very happy to be associated with this film. I hope this movie will be a good hit."

Hero Siddharth said, "Hello everyone, Takkar will be released in theatres on June 9th. This film was shot on a large scale. This is an action film, but Karthik G. Krish included a new age love story in the middle of it. Your lover boy will be portrayed as a rugged lover boy in this film. This film will undoubtedly keep you entertained. I'll be preparing six films for you soon. Thank you so much to everyone on our technical team. Divyansha gains a distinct identity as a result of this film. This film will provide an answer to those who have asked when I would be doing a out-and-out commercial film.

He added "Thank you so much to every guest who came here to support us. I had several conversations with Ramanaidu garu. I'll never forget the support Suresh Babu garu and Venkatesh garu gave me. Thank you so much for coming and blessing this team, Suresh Babu. It became a part of me after seeing and reading Telugu literature and poetry. So, even though I didn't say it, I'm a Telugu guy."

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