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Sriya Reddy On Board For OG


JUNE 13, 2023

The moment I read this script, I said "Yes" in less than 5 minutes! That is the power of this character, so beautifully written by Sujeet!

P.K sir is such an amazing person with an incredible aura!

His strength definitely lies in the warmth he exudes!

Sujeeth is such a gem, the sweetest ever. He has written such a mind-blowing script. Ravi K Chandran, known him forever, is a boon, a blessing to OG! Prakash Raj is family, and working again with him is pure happiness! Danaya sir is extremely warm and wonderful.

It has been nothing but sheer bliss thus far working with them. With OG, you guys have no idea what you are in for! Boundaries will be broken, and new benchmarks will be set. Be ready for this roller coaster ride!


- @sriyareddy on Twitter

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