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Rajugaru Kodipulao Teaser Out Now


"Rajugaru Kodipulao" is an adventurous road movie and mysterious thriller that captivates the younger generation. Produced by Anil Moduga Films and Kona Cinema, and directed by Shiva Kona, the film intrigues movie enthusiasts with its compelling characters and captivating story. With its intriguing title and suspenseful elements showcased in the video, the film leaves the audience curious and eager for more.

Shiva Kona, both director and actor, has made a significant contribution to the film, working alongside a talented cast of renowned actors. ETV Prabhakar's pivotal role adds depth to the movie, while talented actors like Kunal Kaushik, Neha Deshpande, Prachi Thaker, Abhilash Bandari, Ramya Dinesh, Jabardasth Naveen, and Srisudha Bhimireddy complete the ensemble.

Shot in the enchanting forest locations of Coorg and Wayanad, "Rajugaru Kodipulao" promises a visual and auditory treat for the audience. The film's music, skillfully crafted by Pravin Mani, a close associate of renowned composer A.R. Rahman, adds to the overall experience. The released video from the film unit has captivated movie enthusiasts with its captivating shots, generating heightened excitement. With positive audience responses, "Rajugaru Kodipulao" guarantees an enthralling cinematic experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as the film unveils its secrets.

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