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Kutra' pre-release event held!

Kutra' pre-release event held!

Film to be released in theatres on June 23

'Kutra', coming with the caption 'The Game Starts Now', is going to be released in theatres on June 23. Its pre-release event was held today. Starring Siripuram Rajesh as a detective, the film is directed by the lead man himself. Siri Entertainments has worked with Preeti, Geetika Ratan and Priya Deshpal, all of whom are the female leads.

The suspenseful crime thriller's pre-release event today was graced by Telangana State Police Housing Corporation Chairman Koleti Damodar, TIAS Tourism Development Corporation Ex-Chairman Uppala Srinivas Gupta, TIAS Industrial Development Corporation Ex-Chairman Amaravadi Lakshminarayana, among others. Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana, Lion Sai Venkat, and the core team of the movie also graced the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Koleti Damodar wished that Siripuram Rajesh scores a hit. "He has risen to great heights as an advocate, businessman and journalist. He is a good friend of mine. It is awesome that he has also directed and produced this wonderfully staged movie," he added.

Uppala Srinivas Gupta said that the title of the movie is apt in a society where conspiracies abound.

Amaravadi Lakshminarayana said that actor-director-producer Rajesh has earned fame as a journalist and advocate. He also participated in the Telangana movement with enthusiasm. "Siripuram Rajesh made short films during the pandemic. I knew that he was planning to make a film but didn't expect him to do it so early," he added.

Producer Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana said, "Siripuram Rajesh garu has done everything for this movie. The songs and trailer are very good. I liked the catchy title. Nowadays, the audience are encouraging movies with a good concept. I wish 'Kutra' team all the best."

Lion Sai Venkat said that the film's trailer and songs are very good.

Actor, producer and director Siripuram Rajesh said, "I worked as a journalist in Mancheriyal since 1985. 'Kutra' is my first film. This is a suspense crime thriller whose story revolves around two friends. We are doing a grand release in around 100 theaters this June 23."

A Venkatesh, Manchala Raghuveer, Kachem Satyanarayana, Siripuram Satyanarayana, Mukta Srinivas, M Surendranath Reddy, Madam Shetty Satyanarayana, Konda Chandrasekhar and others participated in the event.


Siripuram Rajesh, Vijayaran Raju, Gharshana Srinivas, Geetika, Priya, Preeti, Vishnu Vardhan, Ujwala and others.


Choreography: Ganesh Master;

PRO: Chandu Ramesh

Producer-Director: Siripuram Rajesh 

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