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Vihari the traveller Book launched!!!

 Vihari the traveller Book launched!!!

Vihari the traveller - an endless journey of discovering and traveling to new places, For the past 18 years, Vihari has been bringing the joy of traveling and soaking in new experiences to the Telugu Television audiences. 

The audiences enjoy the stunning visuals of lush locales, the myriad diversity of cultures, the tempting culinary spreads, the immersive experiences of spiritual places, and fun and adventure all packed into one spectacular show which is a treat for people of all ages. The appeal of the show.

Vihari - The Traveler, remained strongly enmeshed into the hearts

of the Telugu audiences, making it the number one travel program - a position that it has occupied and retained since the day it was launched in Dec 2004. Now, the same experience, which you had to wait for every Sunday can be yours by flipping the pages of our book , compiled by A L Nitin Kumar , Director of the show made sure that the book provides the same exhilarating experience and tons of information at your convenience and on-demand, whenever and wherever you want it - just pop it in your luggage and relax and enjoy the journey!

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