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The shooting of "Dear Zindagi" has started with Mass Director V. V. Vinayak’s Clap

The shooting of "Dear Zindagi", starring Raja Ravindra in the lead role, has started with Mass Director V. V. Vinayak’s Clap.

The family who came to live in a peaceful colony faced difficulties because of their children. "Dear Zindagi" is a crazy family drama story of how the father eventually stands by the child and makes his family proud in the society. Presented by Rajaravindra, produced by 'Saija Creations' 

Raja Ravindra, Srikanth Iyengar, Siva Chandu, Neela Priya, Mirchi Kiran, Harshavardhan & others playing vital roles, and Padmarao Abbisetti (Pandu) as director under the Maha Cinema banner produced by Umadevi, Sarath Chandra Challapally. Pooja programs were celebrated grandly at Film Nagar in the presence of God. The chief guest of this program was the famous director V. V. Vinayak gave a clap on actor Raja Ravindra, director Kalyan Krishna did the Honorary Direction along with the camera switching. Later in a press conference organized by the film unit

Actor Raja Ravindra said, “I am playing the character of a father in this film which is being made with a good concept and pointing out the problems happening in the society with a new concept instead of regular. I have three children in this film. After many days I am doing a full length character as a father who is frustrated by children who are doing crazy things. I am very happy to act in such a good movie.” He said that he wanted everyone to support and bless such a good movie.

Producer Sarath Chandra Challapally said thanks to  V. V. Vinayak & Kalyan Krishna who came to the opening ceremony of our film. We started a production house, with the intention of giving a good concept films to audience, by collaborating with friends.

However, Pandu, who worked as an associate with Dandupalayam director Srinivas Raju, told me the story of this film. Our friends also liked this story, so we are making this film. Raja Ravindra is also supporting us and we are very happy that he is acting in our film. The story is very good. Everyone who will see it will definitely like it.

Co-producer Kranti Mundra said “it is a good &A crazy family story. I am very happy to be making this film under the banner of 'Saija' Creations and Maha Cinema. Musically, there are good songs too. Mr. Ebenezer Paul, who worked as an assistant keyboard player with Keeravani, is introducing  as the music director.  Directors  have found the perfect actress, actors and technicians for the movie, and everyone who see it will like this movie.

Director Padma Rao Abbisshetty (Pandu) said that “it took a year to write this story. This story is written in the cult way and was thought to be perfect and only then it was told to the producer Sarath Garu. As he liked it, the rest of his friends came forward to make this film. Also, Raja Ravindragaru is like a godfather to me. He gave full support. My thanks to them too. Till now there is no such story. All middle class families will surely like this movie. In this film there is no hero, but the story is the hero, each character has an arc according to the story. I hope that the movie will do well as I get good actresses, actors and technicians. Thanks to the producers for giving us the opportunity to make such a good film.

Lyric writer Rambabu Goshala said that “after the movie Kantara, he liked the story and wrote all the songs for this movie. Coming with a good story, this movie has good songs set.” He said, "I sincerely wish for the blessings of all the audience for such a good film."

Actor Shiv Chandu said  “I am acting in a good and unique subject with human emotion. I sincerely wish that this film will bring a good name to our director and producers.”

Actress Yashaswini: I am doing Anupama character. The story of a girl who is going to be Miss India.. This movie is a crazy family drama. She said that all those who will see this movie will definitely like it because it connects well with the middle class audience.

Actress Neela Priya: In this I am playing a mother in the character of Shanti. There are elements in this movie that will appeal to all sections of the audience. Thanks to the director and producers for giving me an opportunity to act in such a good movie.

Cinematographer Siddhartha Swayambhu said.. It is a good family story. He said that “he is very happy to be doing cinematography for such a good film.”


Raja Ravindra, Srikanth Iyengar, Shiva Chandu, Neela Priya, Mirchi Kiran, Harshavardhan, Moin, Yashaswini, Mohit, L. V Prasad and others


Producers - Umadevi, Sarath Chandra Challapally

Co Producer - Kranti Mundra

Dialogues - Vinay Kotti

Editor - Raj Meda

Music Director - M. Ebenezer Paul

Lyrics writer- gosala Rambabu 

Cinematography - Siddhartha Swayambhu

Additional Writer - Raghuram Teja

Director – Padmarao Abbisshetty (Pandu)

PRO: Kadali Rambabu 

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