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Operation Ravaan's 'First Thrill' launch takes place in a grand way

Operation Ravaan's 'First Thrill' launch takes place in a grand way

Rakshit Atluri, who won critical acclaim with 'Palasa 1978', is coming up with a unique film 'Operation Raavan'. Bankrolled by Dhyan Atluri under Sudhas Media banner, this new-age action-suspense thriller has Rakshit Atluri and Sangeerthana Vipin in the lead roles.

The film has completed the shooting and is currently undergoing post-production work and is all set to hit the screens soon. Ahead of the film's release, 'First Thrill' from the movie has been launched today and the directors Maruthi and Kalyan Krishna attended this event as chief guests. With this first thrill glimpse, it is understood that the film is a mystery action thriller that revolves around psycho killings. Holding the caption 'Your Thoughts are your Enemies', the film teaser raised curiosity.

Speaking at this teaser launch event, lyricist Pranavam said, "Thank you to the team for giving me this opportunity. I have written three songs for this film. This glimpse has come very well. I wish all the best to the entire team."

Speaking at this event, director Maruti said, "It is rare for a father to direct his son and that rare incident happened to Raavan. Prasad is a good friend of mine. He has a lot of passion. He used to make films carefully. Palasa and London Babu are examples of that. One fine day, he said that he has written the story and he is directing it as well. I was surprised. Later, after a few days, he showed me the teaser of the film and it was very promising. The caption of the film; 'Your thoughts are your enemies' is soo good. All the best to Rakshit and the entire team."

Tammareddy Bharadwaja said, "Rakshit has done two films before. He gave a stunning performance in Palasa. I laughed when Prasad said to me he is going to direct a film. But now I have seen the trailer and it is very good. It is amazing. Also, I believe that the film has great content as an actress like Radhika garu accepted the movie. Prasad is a good father, director and producer with good taste.  I know the story too. I want this movie to do well at the box office."

Speaking at this event, director Kalyan Krishna said, " I have heard the name of Rakshit from most of the directors who are planning to do some innovative films. I think that is his success. Anyone can do regular stories. I wish all his upcoming films Operation Raavan, Narakasura and Sasivadana to be big hits."


"Director Prasad is a very good person. I wish him great success as a producer and director.  also with other heroes. The first thrill was better than what I had expected. I wish the film a big success and all the best",  he added.

Talking on this occasion, Music director Shravana Vasudevan said, "Thanks to Prasad for giving me this opportunity. I faced many challenges in this movie as all the songs in the film are different from regular songs. I am a big fan of  Radhika Madam. I am happy to work with her. All the best to the entire team. Thank you."

Sasivadane producer Ahiteja also attended this event and said.. "I like this glimpse very much. First of all, congratulations to the debut director. Prasad called after my film Akshara.  I told him the Sasivadana story. Already the stories of Rakshit's Raavan and Narakasura are different. Even Sasivadam gives the audience a unique feel. The film is going to be a good love story. Rakshit is a person who thinks about the producers. Rakshit's character is different from the heroes I have seen. He didn't even ask for a caravan. He is a producer's hero."

Abhilash Reddy stated, "I was shocked when Prasad told me that he shot the film in 45 days. It was done very well. The visuals and RR were amazing. Any producer would be happy with a hero like Rakshit. I wish everyone a big success with this film. All the best."


Swamy said, "I have known the director of this film, Satya for five years. Whenever we meet, he talks about the film. He is a good businessman but also a great lover of literature. He has read many books. So I am sure that he would have made this film with a very good concept. Also, Operation Raavan has a good point that your thoughts are your enemies. This first thrill is amazing. After seeing this first thrill, I am sure that he will become a successful director. I want this film to bring a lot of fame to the father and son"

Talking at the event, the writer of the film Lohit said, " I am grateful to Prasad as it is because of him that today I got a chance to talk on this stage before an actress like Radhika Madam. From Sri Rangam Srinivasa Rao to Trivikram Srinivas, I salute everyone who inspired me to become a writer."

Journalist Murthy said, "We all know Prasad as sweet magic Prasad, but after this movie, he will become the screen magic Prasad. Congratulations to all the Operation Raavan team. All the best ."

Actor Raghu Kunche said, " When I have seen Prasad's discussions and involvement in Palasa, I thought he can become a great director. Mainly, looking at the questions raised by him during Palasa shooting, I thought he will surely become a director. At the same time, he also had a good writer in him. It is surprising to see that Prasad, who looks very calm, is directing such a violent film. Rakshit is a very decent person. Even though he was born with a golden spoon, he is very polite. Like Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan in Bollywood, I wish your father and son duo will have a great future in Tollywood. I am a big fan of Radhika madam and I am happy that she is part of this movie. I want the film to achieve success."

Director Venkat Satya said, "Thank you to all the chief guests who came here today at my request. Also, I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to Radhika Madam. She has done many films and worked with many great directors. I feel it is a blessing from God to do this movie with such a great actress."

Actress Radhika said, "Thank you very much to all the people who attended this event today and gave their blessing. In this event itself, I just came to know that the director and the hero are father and son. When I heard this story, I asked about the hero in the film and the director said Rakshit is going to play the lead actor role. However, as I don't know who Rakshit is, he asked me to watch Palasa. I saw Palasa. I liked the movie very much and I saw it again. Coming to this film, the director and his team have never compromised in getting great output. A lot of effort has been put in and I can say their hard work will not fail. All the artists in this film have done their part very well. They are all seasoned artists. The director's job is just to bring out their talent and he has done it perfectly. I always wanted to do different roles. If Telugu films like this come out to me, I will adjust my dates and will give high priority to those films. Rakshit is a very hard-working and sincere person. His eyes speak a lot. All the best to everyone. Thank you."

Hero Rakshit said, " Thank you to Maruti Gary, Bharadwaj Garu and Kalyan Krishna Garu for coming here. I will talk about the technicians of this movie at later events. The first success of our film happened when Radhika Garu agreed to this movie. My father Venkata Satya Vara Prasad who is my life has directed this film. He established Sweet Magic in 1995. We used to have nothing at those times. But now he has given jobs to thousands of people through Sweet Magic. There would be no one in Andhra Pradesh who does not know about the sweet magic. Now, he has taken the megaphone with Operation Raavan. I hope this movie will get recognition across the nation. He gave his best as a director and he used to be on the sets early in the morning before everyone else. He has handled the film very well and it is the reason for our confidence. During a Palasa event, I requested the audience to watch the film and if anyone doesn't like it, they can grab my collar. Now again I could say the same with the same confidence. heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked on this film. Also, I could never forget the support of my brother and my mother in the journey of this film. It is irreplaceable. Thank you."


 Starring: Rakshit Atluri, Sangeerthana Vipin, Radhika Sarath Kumar, Charan Raj, Kanchi, Rocket Raghava, Raghu Kunche, KA Paul Ramu, Vidya Sagar, TV5 Murthy, Karthik etc.

Music: Saravana Vasudevan

Dialogues: Lakshmi Lohit Pujari

Editor: Satya Giddthuri

Art: Nani.T

Fights: Stunt Joshua

Choreography: JD Master

Lyrics: Venkata Satya, Pranavam & Poornachari

Cinematography: Nani Chamidishetty

Executive Producer: Sripal Cholleti

P R O: GSK Media

Producer: Dhyan Atluri

Written-Directed by: Venkata Satya

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