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Neela Nannila From Sci-Fi Action Thriller 7:11 PM is out now

Feel Yourself Swooning Over The Lovely Melody- Neela Nannila From Sci-Fi Action Thriller 7:11 PM is out now

Of late, audiences are eager to watch atypical movies with strong content. Thus, young and upcoming filmmakers are attempting unique concepts with novelty in narration. 7:11 PM is an upcoming film featuring Saahas and Deepika. Directed by Chaitu Madala and produced by Naren Yanamadala, Madhuri Ravipati, and Vani Kanneganti under the banner of Arcus Films, 7:11 PM is a highly screenplay-driven commercial film that has time travel and interstellar travel fused with a crime drama that revolves around money and time-bound events. The movie was shot in different locations in India and Australia.

Coming to the film’s story, on a fateful day in 1999, future humans from an alien planet 400 years in the future arrive in a small Indian town called "Hamsaladeevi" in pursuit of answers that hold the key to the survival of humans. On the same day, events are already unfolding rapidly to destroy the town. These events collide at 7:11 PM to form a fast-paced thriller that will keep the guessing game on the edge of the seat.

The makers previously released the title and first-look poster which was well-received. They have begun the musical journey by releasing the first single Neela Nannila from the movie. Feel yourself swooning over this lovely melody scored by Gyaani.

The beautiful and harmonious number shows the love journey of the lead pair. Anurag Kulkarni’s vocals are enchanting, while Mani Deepak Kadimisetty penned catchy lyrics for the song. The visuals are attractive with adorable chemistry between Saahas and Deepika.

Siva Shankar and Fabio Capodivento handled the cinematography of the movie, while Srinu Thota is the editor.

Cast - Saahas, Deepika, Tess, Raghu Karumanchi, Dr. Bharat Reddy, Rising Raju & others

Director - Chaitu Madala

Producer - Naren Yanamadala, Madhuri Ravipati & Vani Kanneganti

Music - Gyaani

Art Director - Kiran Kumar Manne / Jai Logishetty

DOP - Siva Shankar / Fabio Capodivento

Editor - Srinu Thota

PRO – Vamsi-Shekar 

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