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Bichagadu 3 will come in 2025.- Hero Vijay Antony

 Thank you everyone for giving such a big success with Bichagadu 2.Bichagadu 3 will come in 2025.- Hero Vijay Antony

Bichagadu 2 is recently released film got blockbuster talk with huge openings. On this occasion, the movie team went to Bicchagadu 2 theaters in different cities of the state and made noise. Also a special dinner was arranged in a star hotel for real beggars in Rajahmundry. Team arranged a success meet in Vizag on Saturday 

On this occasion, Telugu writer Bhasha Sri said.. "Thank you for blessing Vijay Antony for making Bichchagadu 2 such a big hit. I wrote lyrics and songs for this film. Usually we talk about the films in a range in the functions before the release of the films. But it will not come out for two days after the release. But the movie Bichagadu 2 made us proud.  The reason is the audience. Now they have given a big 

hit to organize a success meet. The sister sentiment, the addictive climax worked out well. On this occasion, we should talk about the producer. Without their efforts such a big success would not have been possible. Vijay Antony's last few films are an example that some films are not hits if they don't reach the masses. The producers of this movie did a lot of promotions.. Before the release of this movie, Vijay Antony's wife got emotional saying that there was an accident. But when so many people are blessed, why not him.. " he said.

Distributor Satyanarayana said.. "I would like to thank all of you and our producer Fathima, Vijay Antony, who is everything to the film, and all our fellow distributors at the Bichchagadu 2 success meet. The audience compared this movie to Bichchagadu and gave excellent openings. In addition to that.. Bichchagadu 2 is rich in terms of collections.. Your hard work has yielded good results. I want to make Beggar 3 also in the future.. " he said.

Distributor Suresh said..''Heartfelt thanks to Vijay Antony and Fatima garu for distributing Bichagadu 2. My salutes to all the audience who have given this film such a big success.. " he said.

Distributor Veeri Naidu said.. "Fatima and Vijay wanted us to participate in this film before the start of the film. At the time when the audience was expected to come to the theaters or not, all the theaters had full house boards. The film was a resounding success with the openings itself. The director of this film is Hero... " he said.

Vizag MLC Vamsi Krishna Yadav said.. "Greetings for the Bichchagadu 2 success meet. Salutations to the director and Vijay Antony who is directing everything. Bichchagadu was a big success. I am happy that this second part is also a success. The Telugu audience is supporting them very much. Such a real reality. I want Telugu people to support the heroes and everyone should watch this movie. They should definitely support him for making such a good movie. He is helping cancer patients and poor people. I think they also come from poor families. I want to support Vijay's movies in the future. Thank you to everyone. Much.." said.

Actor Chandu Sai said.. "He really met the beggars with a lot of heart. He touched them. He took photos. Really no one does this. I directed all these concepts. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me this opportunity.."

Producer Fatima Vijay Antony said.. "I have been walking for a week. I have lost my throat due to fever. But when I saw you all, the fever went away. Thanks to God and all of you. Without you, Vijay Antony ,Me, there is no one. After the accident, what she said was.. No Tears ( Tears) Only Happiness. Now I'm doing the same.. Now No Tears.. Full Happy. Nothing was planned then. It happened. And we were a bit confused about distribution in Telugu. We thought who would take this film well to the audience. Then many people came. But no one for me. I didn't like it. But one or two producers were like fathers and brothers to me. I felt confident after seeing them. They will take the audience forward for the film. They supported us before the start of the film. They led us like a father. I thank everyone who supported us in this journey along with the audience. " said.

Hero Vijay Antony said.. You all liked the Bichagadu. Supported. Now you liked Beggar 2.. gave good success. Currently learning Telugu. Couldn't make it due to busy schedule. Next time I will definitely speak in Telugu. On this occasion, I am sharing a happy news. I am going to do Bichagadu 3 soon. Bicchagadu 3 movie will release in 2025 or 2026 beginning. This victory is not mine alone. My entire team supported me. I cannot forget the support of my wife Fatima. I thank all my assistant directors and technical team.

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