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Suresh Babu Daggubati has released the teaser for the movie "Manyam Raju"

 Suresh Babu Daggubati has released the teaser for the movie "Manyam Raju". Directed by B. Yam, the movie features Jeevan as the hero, Baby Parinika and Somasundaram in supporting roles. The movie is being produced under the Arts banner and is now completed. The teaser was released yesterday by Suresh Babu's hands at Ramanaidu Preview Theater.

Speaking about the teaser, Suresh Babu said that it is very interesting and creates a curiosity to watch the movie. He also expressed his wish for the movie to become a success in Telugu. Suresh Babu also stated that he is requesting more opportunities for the producer and director of the movie. He appreciated everyone who worked on the movie and said that it has come at its very best. The teaser was received well by the audience, and the movie is expected to be a great success.

Hero Jeevan is spoke and expressed  his happiness about the teaser release by Suresh Babu garu. The movie has come out very well. I want to say that you will definitely like it. I am grateful to our producers and director Somu for this opportunity.

The director is Somasundaram B.M spoke that "I offer my heartfelt thanks to Suresh Babu gaaru for releasing our movie teaser. We struggled hard to make this movie, and I hope the teaser is also liked by everyone. I am grateful to our hero Jeevan and the producer for having faith in me." I am hoping to achieve their trust in this opportunity, and I'm thanking the producer as well for giving me this opportunity

Producers Vijay Babu, Praveen, and Bhima's Ashok spoke about the release of their movie teaser and expressed their happiness that it is releasing with the hands of Suresh Babu. They believe that the movie has turned out well and that it will be another good film in Jeevan's career. The movie is set to release this summer. They are currently completing production work and planning for a release in this May.

Paripurnananda Swami, Y.V.V. Satyanarayana, Saptagiri Prasad, Layam Venkat, and Pradyumna were participated in the event.

Suman, Jeevan, Bhima's Ashok, Jayachandra, Baby Parinita, and others are have acted in the movie

Director: Somasundaram B YM, Producers: Vai Praveen, Vijay Babu, Pushpalata B, Music Director: Franklin Sukumar, Cinematographers: Ramesh Mende, Krishna Vamshi, Co-producers: Bhima's Ashok, Vamshi Palakuru, Murali Prasad Rao,Choreographer: Pavan Vicky. PRO. Sripal Cholleti

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