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Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej's Virupaksha grand Pre Release Event highlights

 Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej's Virupaksha grand Pre Release Event highlights

Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej's upcoming film Virupaksha has caught a solid buzz in the last few days. Virupaksha is the first pan Indian film of Sai Dharam Tej. The film is slated to release on April 21, 2023, in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi. It is a mystic thriller directed by Karthik Dandu. starring Samyuktha Menon as female lead. This film is produced by BVSN prasad and creative director Sukumar under the banners of Sri Venkateswara Cine Chitra and Sukumar Writings, presented by Bapineedu B.

Already released teaser, trailer and song from the film raised curiosity. On Sunday (April 16) the pre-release event of this movie was held at CR Reddy College ground in Eluru. In this event

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej said, 'Mom I love you. Mom, I made this film for you and Vaisshnav. My film career began in 2009. My first film was released five years later. There will be no turning back until 2016. The audience accepted me and rewarded me with hits. Then there were six consecutive flops. I questioned myself. After that, I began learning, which I continued until April 2019. Then I released the film Chitralahari. Sukumar Garu attended as the film's chief guest. He is now the producer of my film.

When I went to the shooting of the film Attarintiki Daredi, I met Prasad. They've been supporting me on ever since. Bapi Anna is also on my side at all times. On September 10, 2021, I slipped on the bike by accident. Riding a bike is not wrong in my opinion. My life revolves around my bike. I'm not sure if it was September 16th or 17th. I saw my mother and younger brother when I woke up. But I couldn't say anything. I'm sorry, but I can't even say I love you.

I can't take the pains, stomach ache, or anything else. There is nothing coming out of my mouth. Suffering causes pain and alters people's lives. Anyway, I wanted to talk, and I struggled and suffered for it, but I got your love. No matter how difficult it is, I will continue to receive your love. I'm not telling you this story to make you feel sorry for me or get sympathy. I told you this to inspire you as well. You should make your parents proud. Make your parents and teachers proud by waking up and standing up. You must all work hard to achieve greatness. Then I'll be happy. Everyone who rides a bike should wear a helmet.

This film will be released on April 21. It's bound to be a success. This film was created to entertain you. Sukumar garu said, "Listen, Tej, I'll send you a good story." I expected them to send a good love story. However, a thriller was sent. I'm terrified of horror films. Karthik did an excellent job narrating and directing the film. Thank you to our producers Bapi Anna and Prasad for their support. Shamdat Gari's lighting is stunning. Nagendra's sets will undoubtedly leave everyone speechless. Ajaneesh RR's work is incredible. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the film. They were extremely supportive. We're coming with movies to win your heart. Thanks to Samudrakhani garu for allowing me to collaborate on a film with my guru. The movie will make the collar fly. "I am on this stage today because of my three uncles," he explained.

Sukumar said, 'There's a lot to say about Virupaksha's film. I didn't like the story that director Karthik Dandu came up with. However, the narration was enjoyable. I told him he needed to tell a different story. Then he said Virupaksha, which was incredible. I then called Bapi and told him what had happened. Karthik came to me in an critical stage of mind. He directed this film after recovering from a medical problem. Kartik's platelets will be increased by steroids, and he wanted to make at least one film before he died. He made this film with his mother's blessing.

I believe that this film will be a huge success, and that Karthik will become a valuable asset to the industry. When Jagadam failed, nobody believed me. But Prasad garu believed in me and continued to give me money every month. Thank you for your encouragement; it is the reason I am here right now. Sham's visuals are incredible. If this film is a success, he will receive a lot of credit. Ajaneesh did an excellent job with the RR and sound design. Nagendra's sets were stunning. They didn't look like sets because they were so real.

Samyukta was fluent in Telugu. I was terrified before I cast Samyukta in this role. She did, however, perform brilliantly. We attended the wedding of Dil Raju's daughter. I met Sai Dharam Tej at that time. He has a lot of jokes that will make everyone laugh. I saw him again on the set of Virupaksha. After recovering from the accident, he joined the sets and learned every single letter on the first day. It's like a new beginning for him as an actor. Sai's first film following the accident. 'I want it to be a big success,' he said.

'We played games on this ground,' said producer BVSN Prasad. I went to school here. It's a pleasure to work on this project with Sukumar. Everyone in this film performed admirably. 'It'll be a good film.'

Director Karthik Dandu said 'Because of Rajamouli and Keeravani, the world is watching our Telugu cinema. NTR's voice over gave this film a strong push. The teaser for the film was appreciated by the Power Star. Sukumar heard this story and stated that he will write and produce it. BVSN Prasad garu advised me to shoot the film on a larger scale. Prasad deserves credit for making this film so good. Everyone used to think Sai Dharam Tej was fantastic. However, after working with him, I learned more about him. This film will be a career best film in his career.'

Thanks to him for giving me this opportunity. Everyone enjoyed working for this film. Thank you for being a part of this film, Samyuktha. Everyone did an excellent job in their respective roles. Instead of actors, it features characters created by me. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the film. With his visuals, Sham Sir demonstrated the vision I had in mind. Nagendra's Rudravanam was superbly crafted. Ajaneesh RR will be beneficial to the film. We gave the editor a three-hour film, and he returned with a two-hour and 24-minute film. Thanks to Naveen for the flawless editing that didn't leave out a single emotion. Rajasekhar's DTS mix is fantastic. I enjoy watching horror films. With this film, I have paid off the horror genre's debt,' he said.

Samyukta Menon said, 'With love, we made this film together. Thank you to the director and producer for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for believing in me and casting me as Nandini. Sham Sir delivered on his promise in plenty. Karthik assisted me in honing my acting skills. The music of Ajaneesh is divine. Tej is going to make a strong comeback. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the film. Thank you for believing in us and coming to the event, Sukumar sir. The film Virupaksha will be released on April 21. 'Everyone should see this movie in a theatre,' she said.

Music director Ajaneesh Loknath said, 'This film will have two melody songs and one mass number. I am happy to provide RR and music for a story like Virupaksha. Everyone did a great job in this movie. Thanks to the director and producer for giving me a chance. Thanks to my brother Sai Dharam Tej and Sukumar. The movie is going to release on April 21. Don't miss the Virupaksha and the sound effects in theatre.

Lyric writer Anantha Sriram said, 'As scared as Sai Dharam Tej was when he was in an accident. Karthik Dandu has directed this movie brilliantly. The producers have made this movie very well. Good luck to the fans who are going to be scared in theatres on April 21st', he said.

Art Director Nagendra said, 'Everybody has a proud moment in their life. My proud moment is working for this film. The film will become a big blockbuster hit. We all believed in the film. Thanks to the producer Bapi garu for believing in me. Once you watch a thriller movie, you get excitement. The second time, it doesn't seem so. But no matter how many times you watch this movie, it feels new and you will find a new layer. I developed a good friendship with cameraman Sham. I want everyone to see the movie in the theater', he said.

Actor Sai Chand said, 'I have to work under the direction of Sukumar. But it was missed. But I am working continuously with his disciples. I am very happy. I have worked with Sham in Uppena. We made this film very confidently. This movie is going to be a great success. I have known Sai Tej since childhood. He will rise even higher with this movie. Working with Sai Dharam Tej.. I felt like working with Chiranjeevi in Manchupallaki. All the best to Sai Tej' he said.

Ambika Krishna said, 'Bhogavalli Prasad garu makes excellent films. Sukumar is the backbone of this movie and the success credit of this movie will go to Sai Dharam Tej. Virupaksha means the third eye of Lord Shiva. Just by watching the trailer it is clear that this movie is going to be a hit. Samyukta is the golden leg of our Telugu industry.

Balakrishna Rao said, 'Sai Dharam Tej escaped the accident and came back. All the best to everyone who acted and worked in this movie. No pre-release events of the movie were held in Eluru. Functions related to Gang Leader and Lakshmi movies were held. Again now the Virupaksha event is happening. I want this movie to be a hit', he said.

Cameraman Shamdat said, 'This is my third film in Mega Family. I don't speak Telugu very well. Happy to see everyone here. All my work is behind the camera. Thanks to the director and producer for giving me a chance. The audience should watch the film and enjoy it', he said.

Mahi Babu said, 'I am happy that Sai Dharam Tej's Virupaksha movie event is happening in Eluru. I want this movie to be a big hit', he said.

Maganti Babu, 'We organized the 100 day function of Chiranjeevi's Gang Leader movie here. Again now we are organizing the same mega hero Sai Dharam Tej Virupaksha pre release event.

Chanti said, 'My uncle SV Ranga Rao studied here. Superstar Krishna studied here. There are lot of history and memories in this place. I want Virupaksha's movie to become a big hit,' he said.

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